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Got in 8.5 miles yesterday and just shut it down.  I had 5 more scheduled but just wasn't in for it.

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6.3 this morning. I moved into a new place this weekend and it messed up my whole running schedule. But, I did find a trail close to the new's not really an off-road trail, it's more like a paved road for runners and bikers, but it did feel nice to run somewhere other than the street or sidewalk.
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I was supposed to do 8 with 5 at LT, but my right achilles is acting up. Trying to think long-term and not beat myself up for missing a day.
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5.1 miles today for the first run since Pikes Peak. Took 2 weeks off for some rest. Been a big year of miles and races so far this year.
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3 to 4 miles begining at 7:30 am.

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8.6 miles this morning.  Felt good!

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10k today. And ditto.

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Before the sunrise, 5 miles. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the star constellations were spectacular. Because I was gawking at the sky, I nearly tripped.
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Got in 6.5 miles this morning.  Ordered another pair of shoes as my current road shoes are running thin on tread.  At what point is everyone replacing their shoes here?  My trail shoes are losing bits of tread and are terrible when wet so I am replacing those but what about road shoes?

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Awesome runs everyone! I haven't posted in a bit, as I've been waylaid with a Baker's cyst. Has anyone had any experience with these?

Short story. I was getting a massage, and the masseuse in the middle of the massage was like, "you have a cyst behind your knee, maybe you should get this checked out." That was a downer! After seeing my DO and getting an ultrasound on my knee, it was diagnosed as Baker's cyst. I have no pain from it, since it's a) small, and b) not impacting any arteries or blood flow.

I've stopped running since I found out about two weeks ago and do non-imact cardio or upper-body exercises now. I miss running. I received the diagnosis of the cyst via a phone call from a medical assistant at my doctor's office with no follow-up planned. I'm assuming that I'd have to get it drained to eliminate the issue. Any thoughts/experience?
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Another 10k today. Competitive half coming up on Saturday...

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Got in 4.6 miles this morning and actually getting out for my group run this evening.  I feel pretty good after last weeks mess.

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10 miles yesterday at sunset, along the bay. It was fantastic. On the out leg, the wind was smashing the waves into the rocks along the shore and spraying water across the trail. Temperature was perfect, and once the sun went down, I ditched my hat and shirt for some al fresco action. With my bald head, I almost never get to run without a hat.
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4.3 miles yesterday.
SirG - no experience about the bakers cyst but what causes it to stop you running if no pain or blood flow issues and no follow up planned?
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At 5 a.m., I was all set to go out for a morning run only to find a bat flying around the kitchen. Eek! It was the second bat within a week.
With broom in hand, I ran around the house, instead.
No, I did not get the bat. :-(
Before my eyes, he was gone. "Where did he go??" Heat duct? In our 1927 house, there are a million nooks and crannies.
Time to call the bat control people. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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