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4.1 miles this morning
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I actually ran four miles this evening... After parking at Crowsnest Pass (BC/Alberta border on Highway 3), I ran some on trails, some on gravel, some on train tracks and some on the highway shoulder. It felt good to stretch the legs out!
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I got in 13 miles this morning.  My legs weren't feeling the hills so I may branch out to the streets tomorrow.  May still be a little fatigue from donating blood which was probably not the best idea during training.

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Pretty miserable 13.7 yesterday. Went out for 15, but never really got in the groove. Beautiful day, though!
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21k (13 miles) mostly cross-country in the rolling Hampshire Downs (that's the original Hampshire rather than the 'New' one...) on Saturday. Deliberately easy in terms of pace, I was really just seeing if I could do the distance without my hamstring playing up, since I have a half coming up this Saturday. I think it will be okay if I don't push it. Spent yesterday in planes, trains and automobiles coming home, which really didn't help though..
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Got in 8.5 miles yesterday and just shut it down.  I had 5 more scheduled but just wasn't in for it.

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6.3 this morning. I moved into a new place this weekend and it messed up my whole running schedule. But, I did find a trail close to the new place...it's not really an off-road trail, it's more like a paved road for runners and bikers, but it did feel nice to run somewhere other than the street or sidewalk.
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I was supposed to do 8 with 5 at LT, but my right achilles is acting up. Trying to think long-term and not beat myself up for missing a day.
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5.1 miles today for the first run since Pikes Peak. Took 2 weeks off for some rest. Been a big year of miles and races so far this year.
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3 to 4 miles begining at 7:30 am.

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8.6 miles this morning.  Felt good!

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