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Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post

Took another day off.  Sleep deprived another night for whatever reason so I am sort of a zombie today.  

Haha, this is me today as well… but I did about 4 miles yesterday afternoon and it's just been beautiful running weather lately here in LA.
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I got in an extra 4 miles yesterday after work. I don't normally have the chance to run in the afternoon or evening but I think i am going to try to set aside one day a week to do so, regardless of whether I ran in the morning.

6.3 miles this morning.
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8.6 miles this morning...heavy heat and I was drenched after the run.  Didn't sleep great but this run helped my mood.

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Got in 6.94 mils in CP in 57:29, then went to November Project, which in NYC is kind of as easy or hard of a running based workout as you make it.
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9 miles
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

9 miles

Damn that's good. A bit warmer down here this afternoon… I'll be lucky if I do half that in the next hour or so!
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As long as you get out there!
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Will do… Thx SB! happy.gif
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Going to be off camping for the next three days, which means 3 mornings of trail running on proper rocky, forest trails. Nice.

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11 miles at a good clip this morning.
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5 miles, this morning. Lots of fog and hills while listening to and getting caught up with Dirt Dawg running podcasts.
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Another 8.6 miles this morning...reversed my usual route then a group run of 4.5 miles tonight.  Hopefully I can make it there as traffic is terrible now that school is back in session.  A lot of housewives back to driving their kids across town to prep school.

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Got in my 4.5 miles last night and the group was rather thin.  A bigger stage race starts today mixed with this free Thursday night concert downtown all summer.  I also have a feeling the 90*+ weather had something to do with it.  But the run was fun and paced myself with another guy.  We eased off the pace due to the heat and had a nice conversation.  I like this run!

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4 this morning.

I'd like to find a group for running, but everything is on the other side of town
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First time(s) on the beach (with shoes on). Loved it.



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