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6.6 miles this morning.  Legs felt heavy at times.

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9.1 miles w some intervals yesterday. Today off.
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7 miles yesterday
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Got in 4.6 miles this morning and 4.5 on the trails with my group.  Cooler evening so I charged the hills and bombed the downhills.  Quite fun!

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Stopped after 2km yesterday due to feeling tight in my right hamstring. Walked back home doing some careful stretches along the way. Seems to be okay, but I have a 10k race on Sunday. Luckily, I have to cycle a fair distance to get there so I shoukd be well warmedup by the start, however I will have to take it fairly easy, which is against my instincts in races...
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4.3 mile easy run today. Off tomorrow and race PP Sunday morning (and some of the afternoon).
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4 slow miles today
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Got in 3 miles today, work was crazy last week and I couldn't run at all, so it felt good to get out there today.
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4-6 miles every morning, this week. The weather has been extremely cool--temps in the 50s. On Monday and Tuesday, I was in Pittsburgh--a runner's heaven. There are miles of trails, river walks.. with gorgeous views everywhere. On Tuesday, I ran atop the Mt Washington neighborhood--the tallest hill in the city. The panoramic views of the rivers, the stadiums, the city were amazing.

Sigh! Now, back home in Lake Woebegon.
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12 miles a bit slower than marathon pace.
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20.25 miles on the trails @ a 10:25 min/mi pace with 4,200' of gain.  Followed that up with about 5 hours of yard work, bitched to wife, and she gave me the go ahead to get yard people.  I said lets wait until either of us get a promotion then I would feel more comfortable with that idea.

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Had my 10k race today - finished in 53:16. Pretty happy with a sub 55:00 time considering I came from gasping for breath after 3.5km in April to now.

Not gonna lie, running just isn't my thing, but it was fun to have a group of friends to run with. Great day.
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^ that's an extremely quick progression, to go from barely running 3.5km to doing a sub 55 10K in only 4 months! I've been running for about 2 years now and I did 6.3 miles this morning, just over 10K, and it took me a hair over 57 minutes.
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Thanks! I've done a few 5ks in the past and grew up playing soccer, swimming etc. so while largely untrained I'm still athletically inclined. I hadnt run in at least 8months prior to starting training, and when i did it was to do an extremely infrequent one-off. This is the first time I trained for a run - I'd say I had about 75% compliance to the plan, slacking off closer to the run date, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

There's a charity 5k coming up in October so maybe I will aim for sub 22:00.
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I've not been running enough recently, have been having off-and-on hamstring issues, and haven't been feeling very well or getting enough sleep, so it was no surprise that I was more than 2-and-a-half minutes slower that I would expect to run on a flat course in good weather in my 10k race today (41.32). 3rd in my age group and 8th overall, but it should have been 2nd and 5th respectively... oh well, back to training and increased miles for the half I have to run early next month...

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