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8.6 miles w speed intervals on hills
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6.5 miles tonight. The great weather continues for now. It was only about 65° at 7:00 p.m. tonight. Perfect!
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6.5 miles this morning.  Wasn't a good run but breakfast after of 4 eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese really excited me!!!

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10 miles this morning.
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6.5 today in the furnace that is the Southern California valleys right now (mid 90s, high humidity, zero breeze). There was much walking as I tried to catch my breath... doesn't take long to forget how to run in the heat.


In happier news, ankle recover is coming along nicely. Felt almost normal out there today.

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I ran 15 miles this evening... Mix of pavement, double and singletrack. This was my third run in my new Saucony Kinvara 4 shoes, and I must say that I like them so far (the first two runs were 6 and 5 miles). The temperatures were a bit warm at the beginning, but then cooled off nicely. I finished right at sunset.

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Took the day off to heal my foot.  Don't know what this pain is from.  Hoping it is from a bruise from a bad step and not some sort of stress fracture.

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4 this morning
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13.1 miles this morning on what I am calling "The unofficial trail half marathon".  Great weather!

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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Doing this, three times a day...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Next week, I must run in France, though. Don't care about time or kilometers, I just want to run in a foreign country for the first time in my life. smile.gif

And I did smile.gif


(Watch battery died... I ran to the next village and back - about 6,5 km in total.)


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4.25 this afternoon
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6.3 miles on Thursday.
Was going to run a 16 mile fast finish long run (8 easy, 8 fast) but my bro-in-law asked me to run a half with him. So I ran the half and then had some water, took a 10 min break and ran another 3 for a total of 16.2 miles today. PR'd the race and ran 10 sec / mile faster than my previous best. I havent ran a half in over a year, but was good to run a PR at 1:36:05. Made turning 49 on Friday a bit easier. Took 3rd overall. Small town race.
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I've never really been on this part of the forum before, so, hi! I'm 42 and have become a reasonable club runner over the past few years, after years of being much more of a cyclist. I spent most of the last year in Tokyo, trained with a great club and ran mostly ekiden (road relays) and mountain runs (my favourite type of race). I'm now back in Ontario, where there are no mountains...

Recent road race PBs: mile, 5.26 (my first ever mile race a month or so back); 5k, 18.45; 10k, 38.40; Half, 1.32.26 (but that was 3 years ago, I think I'd be significantly faster now, and I'll find out in September...). Hope to keep improving at the longer distances for a few years yet, and I will perhaps run my first full marathon later this year. I generally run 3 times a week, mostly a 10km (6 mile) backroad loop, with a longer 15 or 20km (9 - 13 mile) run on the weekend. But I've had a weird shoulder injury over the last two weeks and haven't been out much. Seems to better now though.

And, yes, I tend to think in kilometres...

This is me in a recent race in Ontario, but wearing my Tokyo club colours. Shoes are K-Swiss Ironman BTW, nice and light.
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5k, 18.45

Okay, I'll see you in ten minutes. smile.gif (Well, actually 8.45!) Impressive.
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