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8.6 miles this morning.  For some reason my inlaws decided my knees would be bad later in life so they got me some different insoles to try.  They were so thick it felt like I was going to slip out of my shoes and they added what felt like a brick to each shoe.

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5.5 miles this morning
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5 this morning at an 8:36 per mile pace, super speedy for me.
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4.6 miles on my easy day.  

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5 yesterday morning in Golden Gate Park.
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Doing this, three times a day...

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Next week, I must run in France, though. Don't care about time or kilometers, I just want to run in a foreign country for the first time in my life. smile.gif
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Ran 5k today and beat my previous PR (22:19) by almost 2 minutes (20:23). Considering I was running 5k in 28 minutes a year ago, it felt great.

I usually run 3–4 miles on flat ground and don't push myself too much, but the last month I've been doing a lot of 6–9 mile hilly runs in warm weather. Today was 15 degrees cooler and with the shorter distance I felt fantastic.

Talk about a speed demon! Nice time...
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I ran 6 miles on and around the track yesterday evening with the requisite set of 400s. Not as fast as last week, but I still managed a few in the 1:23-1:25 range.

Today, I ran 10 miles on hilly trails in the heat of they day (it was 81-83 this afternoon here).
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6.6 miles on Monday and 8.1 miles on Tuesday.
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8.6 miles this morning on tired legs and a foggy head.  Snooze sounded like a better idea but I pushed through.  

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9.8 miles this morning below an 8:30 pace. I had three 2 mile intervals below 7:30. I usually run around 4:45 a.m. but I didn't have to be to work as early today so I started about 2 hours later than normal. The temps were still in the 50s with no humidity and I was able to wake up a bit more before actually running and it seemed to make a huge difference.
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4 easy miles this morning with my friend who's in town for the SF Marathon 2nd Half. I stretched out for the last 1/4 mile. Felt light on my feet and fast. I LOVE the taper.
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6.2 hilly miles in the heat of the day (temps from 93-97). Good times!

Oh, and in my new Saucony Kinvara 4 shoes.
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6.1 today. Last time I did a competitive 10K I finished in just over 57 minutes. I was a tenth of a mile short on this run, but I finished in 54:18.
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Nice. Just did 10km in 55:00 on the dot which is what I was aiming for... Except the race is still 3 weeks out. smile.gif I think with some more training, race day jitters and busting my ass on the day of, I could make 53 and change.
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