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7.2 miles on Saturday morning and 14.2 on Sunday. Today was a rest day but the great running weather that we've had lately is still here and I was really tempted to go out for a few miles this morning, but I resisted and went for an easy walk instead.
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My half is next weekend, and I'm traveling this weekend. Unlikely to be able to run due to some crazy last-minute schedule changes. I'm assuming that there's no point in trying to "make up" for the missed mileage, but I wonder what the impact might be on my race. I could see having more rest as being potentially beneficial as long as I get some easy runs in during the coming week.

I agree with jbarwick - I don't think a few extra days of rest will be detrimental, especially this close to the actual event.
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7.7 miles with 16 x 400 meter intervals at the track.
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8.6 miles this morning.  For some reason my inlaws decided my knees would be bad later in life so they got me some different insoles to try.  They were so thick it felt like I was going to slip out of my shoes and they added what felt like a brick to each shoe.

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5.5 miles this morning
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5 this morning at an 8:36 per mile pace, super speedy for me.
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4.6 miles on my easy day.  

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