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Anyone here do sprints? I'm trying to improve my soccer sprint capacity and was thinking of just doing a 5 minute run to warm up and then intervals of 30 sec sprinting/1 min jogging (don't have a track) (working my way down to 30/30 hopefully).


I don't do sprints but watch out for tripping while sprinting if not on a track.


5 easy miles this morning.

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6. The bugs here are gigantic and bloodthirsty.
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5.75 enjoyable miles this morning.
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Today was supposed to be a rest day but the weather after work was too nice to not get out for a run. I got in a bit over 6 miles in temps in the high 60s with no humidity. You don't get many July evenings like that around here.
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Got in 7.35 miles on the trails this morning.  Started with it being pretty dark and wondering if I should have brought a headlamp.  It was cool and an amazing start to the day.  The worst part...cob webs.  I swear I hit some big ones because after the run they were still on me.

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I ran none miles today. Right achilles felt a little off yesterday, and I realized this morning that my upcoming half isn't my big race this year, so sacrificing a bit of training for it in service of staying healthy was for the greater good.

Plus, I didn't want to have to buy deet just to go running.
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5.5 miles this morning, preparing for another 9 mile run on Sunday. I ran pretty slow when I did 9 last week, so I'm going to try speeding it up this weekend. I've been ramping up mileage by 2 total miles per week every 2 weeks, and increasing my long runs by one mile every 2 weeks, but I think I'll be ready for a week-long break in a few weeks, just to make sure I don't burn myself out or get injured
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A bit under 10 miles this morning. I went looking for a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the dark in a slightyl unfamiliar neighborhood near me and ended up running about a quarter mile up a hilly, winding dirt road only to realize it wasn't a road at all but somebody's driveway, I decided, "in for a penny, in for a pound" so I continued up the driveway until I got to the house. When I got to the end of the driveway there was a new-ish looking Rolls Royce, Mercedes G-Wagon, and a couple older SL convertibles parked in the turn around in front of their lawn tennis court. Rough neighborhood. dozingoff.gif

I did eventually find the FLW house. I believe it's one of his smaller ones but it has a great setting - a nice large lot with some great looking trees nicely spread out. I want to run by again when there is a bit more light and try and get a couple photos. I knew this house was near me but didn't know exactly where and then I saw a recent article about it and was inspired to look it up. Turns out, I've probably run past it a couple dozen times over the past few years. Photo gallery

There's another one of his houses about a mile and a half further east but it's right off of a major road with no sidewalks or good running paths. Thankfully, that one is owned by a local university and they offer tours. I may have to bite the bullet and spend the $10 if I want to see it.
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No run this morning but 2 breakfasts.  I am not ashamed.

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Thanks for sharing, MP. I wasn't familiar with that FLW home. I find that I love his buildings, but don't care for his furnishings nearly as much.
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10K around Central Park last night...And 235 jumps during this shoot:


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6.4 and 5.6 miles earlier this week. Took off the last 2 days. Pacing a friend in his first 50K tomorrow at Dances With Dirt - Devils Lake edition. The Running Fit guys from MP's neighborhood have this event and put on a good race. Should be a blast. Thunderstorms may even hold off until we are done.
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No run for me today. Worse feeling ever. I have a cold, mostly head cold, although I can feel the drip which is causing a sore throat, and I have a touch of chest congestion now. That is enough for me to hang up the shoes for at least a day. (I exercise every day, period, so this is extremely difficult for me.)
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Got 10.9 miles @ 7:28/mi pace this morning on flat ground in Ohio.  Ran past 3 groups of women (10-12 each group) this morning which I thought was a little off but maybe some sort of safety thing?  

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That's nice pace, jb.
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