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Jack Purcell's: Canvas or Leather?

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Hey guys,
I'm gonna get Pucell's for everyday use. I was looking at zappos and saw that the leathers were about the same $. It got me to thinkin'. Now im not sure, which do you guys suggest??
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Neither of those. These are the only Purcells I'd get:
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Personal taste really. Canvas is more casual than leather. Personally I'd go for leather at the same price. High-tops are fugly. Since when do badminton shoes come in high-tops? Stick with the originals.
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Bond wore the OTRs in Casino. Bond knows what goes on.
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I'd order both and keep the pair you like most after seeing them in person
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I have both and I personally like the leather versions better. It just feels more stable in my feet.
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I like the white leather ones. they'll be my next pair once my canvas ones start to break down a bit
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Black canvas or white leather for me. Something about the black laces bugs me...

Keep in mind the canvas breathes better and I had to size down 1/2 from my canvas size for the leather ones.
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For a dollar more, I'd definitely go with leather... in fact I already did. I own black pair and a white pair both in leather
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I also have both,but prefer canvas more.
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Canvas, canvas, canvas. (And I prefer the white version).
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I don't own any Purcells yet but my impression of the canvas oxfords in the store is that they're just a glorified Chucks Low-top. But leather gives them a little more substance, versatility, and class, imo.
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