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Originally Posted by jko View Post

Anyone bought these?
How do they fit? They don't have stock in 9 so I'm contemplating whether I should roll the dice with the 8.5's or not.

I have them, they are great. In my experience, they are about tts or a little big as ace says on the length, but they come to a pretty narrow point around the toe. Just took a little breaking in. Really great looking shoes though.
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If you are a true US 9, I think these will run too small for you. Please e-mail me at so we can discuss this further.

Best regards,

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ShopTheFinest has joined the Tumblr community!

We would love for you to follow us on the ShopTheFinest Tumblr for updates on new items, wardrobe suggestions, and some of our favorite items.

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Here are a few of our favorite selections out of the 650 Santoni pairs that just arrived!

Find more Santoni selections at


These are unique products, handcrafted by master shoemakers who passionately devote the same care every day and give equal attention to each of the amazing stages, from the creation of the wooden formers, the genesis of the article, continuing through to the polishing and thorough final inspection.

The manual cutting of the leather, the hand stitching, in different styles of footwear, the use of fine leathers even for the whole insole, the choice of the best materials (from rubber to cork, to three-dimensional and innovative synthetic mixtures, such as Vibram), together with time and knowledge of shapes, make each creation an excellent product.
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Ian - great to see! Some fantastic pieces you have featured on the site.
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SHOE SHOWCASE: Saint Crispin


Olive Green Monk Strap

Item #: GM133

Size: US - 9.5 D / UK - 9F

Retail Price: $1600.00

ShopTheFinest Price: $639.00

Available @

We are very proud to offer what could be considered the finest shoe in the world. Yes, I said in the world. It is hard to judge when you are selling what would be the equivalent of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Ferrari which is the best. All are handcrafted with the finest of materials. But for sheer rarity in shoes this is it. The factory only produces 50 pairs a week of ready to wear shoes. The other production is for bespoke shoes. That production totals only 30 pairs a week. The factory has a grand total of 10, yes 10, employees to make shoes.

The brand was founded in Austria with only one thing in mind, to make a shoe that is the absolute finest in the world in terms of fit, materials, construction, and workmanship. Literally, second to none. The owner in an interview was asked, “Whose shoes would you wear if you could not wear your own?” He kind of chuckled and said to the interviewer after taking a few moments to think about it, “That is a very good question I have never been asked that. If I had to wear someone else‘s shoes other than my own I guess it would have to be John Lobb Paris, before.” I.E. they are not as good as they use to be. That is an incredibly high standard to live up to, and they do.

To my knowledge, Saint Crispin’s shoes have never even been offered for sale in the United States before, so this is truly a rare opportunity. Thank you again for all of your continued support. Without it we would not be able to offer such special items for sale.
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The Finest for Fall:

* Top Row: Avon Celli sweater, Barba dress shirt, PT01 pants, and Sutor Mantellasi boots.
* Bottom Row: Avon Celli sweater, Barba dress shirt, Donnanna pants, and Sutor Mantellasi boots.

We’ve selected a few ideal outfits to wear during the warm days and cold nights of Autumn. These Avon Celli sweaters are 100% cashmere and once you’ve worn one, you’ll see why they are known as one of the best sweater-makers around the world.

As the leaves begin to change color, so should your wardrobe. The 100% virgin wool and slim fit PT01 pants were also designed with different colored buttons on there button fly and back buttons.

Barba’s dress shirts have a reputation for elegance and style known throughout Italy. The secret to their success lies in the skilled cutting techniques, attention to detail and the use of refined fabrics.

These Sutor Mantellassi boots will win over any shoe enthusiasts respect with their high-quality handmade shoes. The tradition of these classically designed, comfortable, and durable boots are perfect for both business and casual wear.

All of these products can be found and purchased at ShopTheFinest.
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ShopTheFinest Adds New Designer to Shop - Pantaloni Torino

PT01 Pants

These 100% virgin wool pants are a must have for anyone’s wardrobe this Fall/Winter. The slim fit style plays a central role compared to the fabric and the multi-colored buttons adds a distinctive character of detail.

Contact us at for further inquiries.
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Ian - great to see! Some fantastic pieces you have featured on the site.

Greatly appreciated!
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All items pictured are by Brunello Cucinelli.

Luxurious Cashmere Sweaters and more!

Inspired by the Esquire article on Brunello Cucinelli, we’d like to share some of our favorite cashmere sweaters and outerwear!

Find these items at
It’s hardly surprising that Brunello Cucinelli knows from cashmere; his luxurious namesake line is filled with the fiber, of course. And, as he shares with the Wall Street Journal today, his closet is, too: blazers, sweaters, scarves, some of which he’s had for more than 30 years and intends to pass on to future generations of lucky young Italians.

That alone explains Cucinelli’s Severe Cashmere Caretaking Rules, which we’ll summarize here: No dry-cleaning. No washing machines. Solid pieces require warm water and hand-washing, using gentle hand soap and, if you want to add a softener, it should be white vinegar. Printed or colorful pieces need cold water. No moving the garment in the water. No twisting the cashmere when you remove it; that would stretch the fiber. No drying, except for laying the pieces on a flat towel. And no direct contact with an iron. Ever. Also, if you spill something on it, no dealing with it right away. Obviously, you should wait for the offending spot to dry, then take it a specialty cleaner.

Actually, none of this stuff is obvious. But it’s excellent advice, especially when you evaluate what Cucinelli considers to be cashmere’s best quality: “It is something to save and go back to time after time. It is the feeling of an embrace.” Because in a world where style knows no bounds, it’s not just a sweater — it’s a lover.

Read more:
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Cufflinks by Anna Matuozzo

Mother of Pearl on sterling silver, handcrafted from Napoli, Italy.

Contact us at ShopTheFinest for further inquiries.
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Tweed Sportcoat by Luigi Borrelli, Dress shirt by Andrea Finamore Napoli, Tie by Anna Matuozzo Napoli, Pants by Donnanna, Belt by Luigi Borrelli, Shoes by Santoni, and Bag by Brunello Cucinelli.

Suggestions For Your Next “Tweed Run”

After seeing photos from the Nov. 26th 2011 Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run. We noticed there were some who had great style putting together the classic look properly and those who needed a push in the right direction. Conventional taste has guided us safely to this vantage point, but scaling this peak of patterning will require a bit more sartorial acumen. Here are our suggestions to the ideal Tweed Run look for any gentleman.

Three Keys to Mixing Three Patterns Properly

1. Risk and Reward go hand in hand.
2. The safest route to the happy rendezvous of three patterns within one ensemble is where each design differs from the others.
3. Maintain a consistent amount of contrast and scale within the ensemble’s components, which makes the overall enterprise appear relatively effortless.

Find all of the items in the photos at
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650 pairs of shoes? That's a ton of shoes.
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i need a pair of those anna matuozzo cufflinks now.

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A big shout-out to Ian!

I was in LA about a month ago and he was very gracious to let me explore and view his showroom. Great conversation and very customer-centric orientation.

All the best!!!!
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