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10 off of the new inbound Belvest pants, which should be here middle of next week
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Belvest trousers are in. about 150 pairs. a LOT of basics (shades of blue from dark to navy, grey, light to deep charcoal, black, some cottons). no pictures yet but since a lot of them are described as "navy super 120s flat front" it's pretty self-explanatory. shoot me an email if you want a list of descriptions of your sizes:
i'm doing the forum 10 off for this shipment BEFORE they list online, which will be at least a week or two. none are priced over $200, except the single pair of euro 50 Super 200 flat front (cuffed at 34) which are 289, with a majority under 160 and damn near all under 180
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Hi Lance, just wanted to say the Belvest SC and suede belt look great! Thanks!
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great, glad to hear they worked well!
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PM sent, suit inquiry.

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Going to do a special shoe sale for forum guys only. I've got WAYYYY too many shoes right now and need to thin out the stacks. once i have to start stacking them all over the floor and wherever there's a spare 4 square feet, it's time to do something. I'm listing 100 pairs for forum guys only (and anyone you want to tell). i'll do the spreadsheet way from back in the day. This list includes Mantellassi, DiBianco, Certo (and a few of his from Stefano Branchini). Discounts from 26-60% off of my list price (not the original retail). just send me an email ( to snag any and all you want. there's a chance that i'll apply these prices on a full-scale basis later, but you guys can have first shot.
Spreadsheet is downloaded at:
(if you have trouble loading it, email me and i'll send it as an attachment). images you can view by opening this link:
replace the XXXXX with the number(s) from column B, example, first pair Shoe-1752 the images are:

hope that makes sense. now have at it
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And, to help Stu out a bit, attached is the same spreadsheet but with some additional columns that include actual links to the pics, just click on them and they should open in your browser - they look like this:

forumwithpics.xlsx 35k .xlsx file

I had to do it myself to check out the offer and thought it worth sharing for others.

@discostu004 if for some reason you'd rather I not post this, let me know know and I'll delete it.
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thanks! i would have done that had i known how to do it!! much appreciated
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