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Lance has been an integral part of the Styleforum community for several years, and he has always provided great goods and service from Lubbock, TX. His site,, is stocked with popular Sutor Mantellassi shoes, shirts from Ralph Lauren Purple Label (or RLPL, as you guys like to call it), to Barba, and an abundance of Kiton suits, all at very reasonable, ridiculously reasonable, prices. If you check out his site, you might want to check out the sister site. Check out discostu004's signature. Click here to contact Lance by PM.
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Hey guys just got in a new shipment that will post online Monday March 9 but you can check it out by searching this term on the site:
pkts shipment

exactly like that. About 150 items including some great leathers and a few good suits and blazers. Forum guys at the 10% discount, just check out with the code:
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Having purchased from Lance in the past, I must say it was a pleasure doing business with him. And that avatar.....
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Being super-cheap, does the Forum code "stack" with the clearance "closeout" code? There are so many borrelli luxury vintage jackets I'm wanting.
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I've had success buying from Lance as well. Now I'd like some success with his milkmaid avatars.
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Lance is my homeboy - count me as one of his satisfied customers.
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First Isaia suit I ever bought was from Lance. Pity as I was chubbier then but it is still one of the best deals I have ever had. Enrico Isaia which was the top top line, loads of hand work, lovely grey with nice chalk stripes.....all for around $700.
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Lance is a terrific seller. My closet is full of great deals from VCH.
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Fantastic seller. Highly recommended!
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Lance was great to deal with. Communication throughout transaction. Very good service.
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Hey guys. Thru labor day everything in the clearance section is 35% off using the code
all lower case. Since this sale started about $180,000 retail has sold!
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Greetings. Do the Valenteni horizontal cords currently on clearance run true to size or are they a more generous fit. I can range from a 32 to a 30 waist depending upon cut. Txs
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DCPhil, I think that Lance prefers e-mails to posts on the forum or to PMs. If you want an urgent answer, try sending him an e-mail.
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Hey guys, sorry i don't check this thread often. I just got in about 100 solid white Borrelli barrel cuffs (i think i have maybe 100 french cuffs coming, but right now i just received a single 16.5), sizes 15.5 thru 18, will list at 179, SF'ers 10% off and free shipping. medium spread collar. will post pic tomorrow, but it's a basic white dress shirt by Borrelli! won't be on the website for awhile though
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Yoyoyoyo, I just got in 90 Finamore Napoli shirts in 16 different styles. LOTS of 15, 15.5 and 15.75, some 16, 16.5 and a few 17 and 17.5. Extremely nice. Were in the store at $585! Also have 250 7-folds coming from Barba and Kiton
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