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Bolo Ties

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The topic of bolo's came up when I was out last nite, with some guys saying they were ok, some girls saying absolutely not. I figured this would be a good thing to ask here. What's everyone think of them? Does anyone wear them? I never have, doubt I will, but I figured I'd ask.
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In Iraq, there are certain vehicles which were to be stopped and searched. Certain models we believed to be favored by terrorists and other assorted riff raff. There was a new list printed every day, of cars for which we were to "Be On the Look Out"--the BOLO list. Coincidence? I think not. Tom ps. no I don't equate cowboys and terrorists and all other necessary disclaimers.
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NOOOOoooOooOo...........1 Please, GOD, enough with the cowboy look PLEASE.
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I wouldn't wear a bolo tie...
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I disagree with the general feeling on the board that women's fashion advice should be, for the most part, completely ignored. While I think that if their suggestions on *what to wear* re by and large garbage (because they know nothing about men's fashion), a woman's opinion in the negaive should nearly always be heeded. This is a case in point.
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Some people look good in bolo ties.  My Grandfather wore bolo ties and looked great wearing them.  However, my Grandfather was a genuine, working cowboy, who lived on a ranch, rode horses, and went to the cattle auction and bid on steers and heiffers with other cowboys who wore bolo ties.   If you aren't a real cowboy, I don't know if you really should wear a bolo tie.  You will probably look like a poseur moron. (Like the guys who wear their jeans tucked into their cowboy boots.) For those who are thinking "Hey, I rode the pony that one time at summer camp, and didn't even fall off. Maybe I'm a real cowboy and could wear a bolo tie." If you haven't roped, branded, and cut the nuts off a bull calf, you probably aren't a real cowboy, summer camp notwithstanding.
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I grew up in a farming community, and the auctioneers wore bolos. If you're an auctioneer (or live in Texas and make your money from ranching), go for it.
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like a similar discussion a while back - if you are a real cowboy, you can wear a bolo tie. I don't think that I know anybody who would fall into this discription. I think that the same goes for a lot of different articles of clothing.
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Scouts also wear bolos
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I actually was talking about bolo ties yesterday with a friend from Texas. He could pull it off by dint of being an actual Texan, but otherwise, I'd caution against it. Caution may be too nice a word.
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