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Clothing, music, movies, art, and other things like that are also very much a personal thing. Clothing is personal to some members, most obviously Socal2NYC and Get Smart, whose clothing is very much a part of them. Some people think some things in any form of art is weird, stupid, cool, interesting, whatever. Opinions differ. I look normal but just much more put together than most with a majority of my outfits. Sometimes, it's nice to have fun.

Also, on the "gotta get the chicks" kinda thing. This one girl who i'm crazy about, and is crazy about me wears real plain jane stuff, but i sent her some youtube clips of vibskov's s/s08 and fw08 runway shows, and some images of the man himself and individual items and she's in fucking love with him and most everything he does as well. And this girl could care less about fashion or whatever people on online forums try to do (cop things, e-fellatio, etc...)

Different strokes, man.

i wuv wu