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What is on your KOP List for F/W 08

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So far:
NDG HIGH NECK sweater:

MJK Slim Pants in Khaki:
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M65 field jacket

Both the sweater and the jacket from this one, and possibly the glasses.

Actually, thinking about it theres a ton of stuff from NdG this fall that I really want. Some from EG too.
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NDG Black/white crewneck
Ultimate trench coat (black/charcoal)Still researching this. Prorsum? Geller? I actually just looked through superfashion's archive of fw08 runways and could not find the perfect trench. I think i'll just go to the burberry store and buy whatever I can afford. Any suggestions?
That's it. Random sweaters from affiliates. Made to measure white shirts - about 6-7. I'll vary the details and fabric...

realistically I plan to kop about 60% of the above list. The trench is definite and the most variable - I have like 3-5k to work with for fw purchases, and I am still buying basics as far as i'm concerned.


Chiral , we have similar tastes. Almost identical. Up until I started wanting a trench my buy order was NDG m65, Sweater, then EG stuff. I'm pared it down to just the sweater for now as NDG outerwear has a tendency to be underwhelming in person.... if it turns out nice, i'll get it from an affiliate.
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NDG always makes solid quality clothes in terms of looks, quality, they'll last forever... I only am disappointed a that fw is completely monotone
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the ndg grey jeans are fresh, you know how much they're gonna run?
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CRAP 08/09
can a mod rename this?
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- Most of Engineered Garments F/W. - A couple outerwear/knit pieces from Nom de Guerre, along with the NDG-1 Oliver Peoples frames. - Some more Alden boots in black. - Inis Meain knits. Some Robert Geller, Obedient Sons, and Spurr pieces are on my maybe list. Also, should the thread title be 08/09?
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
CRAP 08/09
can a mod rename this?
No, you have to live with this shame now.
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its a shame for me
disgrace my family

we need more pics people
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Even thought I have 20 quality knits I will be copping more and adding things I don't have that I will eventually use.

Some include:
some comme and junya shit
dries cardigan (some other shit)
raf simons leather/cashmere lined gloves
js of course
possibly more damir
geller pieces
lanvin shoes and sweater jacket

I don't need much else.
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I'm not shopping catalogues but I have a few holes yet to fill. -Probably the MJK Trench in khaki. If not, then a different but similar trench, unless I go DB. -A Cashmere navy 3b blazer of quality. -Sweaters. A couple of colours, probably v-neck, perhaps a black crew. -Still on the lookout for a discounted pair of PS Starr Brogues in dark brown. -Probably pick up a couple of other pairs of PS shoes depending what I happen upon.
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Geller out the yang. Although it appears everyone is jumping on the train now, shame in a way.
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Paul Smith "Rollins" in red

Paul Smith "Cage" in olive

maybe this too, depending on how it looks in real life....Paul Smith "Marcello" red tassle loafer

also, the usual horde from Fred Perry limited edition

and yet TBD, but lots of shit from Pringle and Agnes b when I go back to London in the winter
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Tell me about it, just like rs.
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geller is the new bape
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