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eBay Seller?  Any experiences?

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I've run into a couple of sellers that haven't been mentioned in the eBay thread and wondered if anyone has had any experience with them - they all sell previously enjoyed items, all have good feedback but it would be nice to know if more knowledgable buyers have dealt with them: highroller$$$ lovedesignersclothes closetchix finest4less Thank you in advance.
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I bought an Isaia blazer from highroller$$$ and have to say it was a good, solid transaction. He was reponsive to e-mails, timely in delivery, and his product was faithful to his descriptions in the auction. Can't help you with the other ones.
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Same here, I've made several excellent purchases from highroller$$$.
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Highroller is a Forum member, if I'm not mistaken. Strikes me as very knowledgeable and seems to have very good stock, though I'm not sure where he gets the stuff from. On that score, where do people get niced used stuff from. For example, A. Harris always is selling beautiful used garments. I can't imagine these come from consignment stores.
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Good luck getting these guys to divulge their sources. I could swear I've bought from closetchix but I can't find a record of it anywhere. My dark olive HF Canterbury from lovedesignersclothes was just as described--it isn't my favorite suit, but that's not his fault. I'd buy again. I just won a Barbera tie from finest4less. He e-mailed yesterday saying how there was a small pen mark on the back of the tie, and would I mind if he sent the tie anyway and refunded the purchase price, with a refund of shipping too at my option. I haven't seen the tie yet so I can't comment of the quality of his merchandise or its source, but to me this admission and offer says a lot about his integrity. I keep running across highroller$$$'s listings, but I haven't bid on one yet. The <blink> tags he's using now border on seizure-inducing.
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