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Can't stand the word 'hip'. Basically everything that is regarded as hip, I dislike, because it is usually about lame artists, fashion trends or online friend services.

I also can't stand the word 'sassy', really annoying word.

I fiercely dislike job advertisement words as well like 'dynamic', 'teamplayer', '9-to-5-mentality' etc.
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Diverse; diversity
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Originally Posted by philosophe View Post
Not to be a jerk about, but do you mean "pus"?

Words I especially dislike:

Reach out to--as in contact or direct
mission, especially in the phrase "mission statement"

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Four words/phrases that I have just heard in the past five minutes in my workplace:

"Reach out" = to contact someone

"Audit" = when used to describe non-accounting related tasks

"Resource" = a person

"With regards to" as in "with regards to your order of product XYZ" = if that is correct English, it shouldn't be.

I'm quite pissed off right now...
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Originally Posted by HomerJ View Post
Specific to this forum:

"spot on"

starting thread titles with "so"

Regarding this forums offenses:

I have seen the word "amazing" attached to anything slightly above ordinary. The truly amazing gets lost in the noise of exaggeration, making the word useless.

I used to think the overuse of the word "sublime" was an inside joke here, sadly I was wrong.

And any thread that begins with "Recommend me a .." Makes me only want to recommend to them a book on grammar.
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pops, or pa
the big apple
whiskers (cat name)
I remember cringing two years ago when I overheard some lady saying "I'm green." Now people wear it on tshirts. ughhhh shut the fuck up.

I am going to have to defend 'sustainability' for personal reasons , but I won't defend, like said, the people who overuse it and don't really know what it is.
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Slightly off topic, but I don't like the mindless use of English words in German:

I flight has been "calceled", I was in a "meeting", management talked about "staffing" (they ignorantly pronounce it "stuffing").

The advertising slogan of a big perfumery chain was "Come in and find out". Someone made a survey and no one had a clue about what that was supposed to mean.

Don't really understand it, German is such a rich and powerful language.
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While we are off the topic -- I can't stand the misuse of "less" and "fewer."
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Phrases that idiots use without knowing their component words. A common example: "For all intents and purposes" becomes "For all intensive purposes."

". . . going forward."

A lot of "-ize" words. "The BFT system is a ruggedized laptop."

The word "rights" used to mean "things I want."

"Progressive" and "reactionary," especially when oversimplified to mean "good/enlightened" and "bad/repressive."

"Philosophy" to mean "my way of doing things."

"Hate" to mean "opinion with which I disagree."
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Pacifically ==> Need I say more?
fairness ==> It's usually just the opposite
carbon footprint ==> the phrase has lost all meaning
Achieveability ==> just say, "diminished expectations" and get it over with
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Iconic. It's massively overused in the British press at the moment - I see or hear it numerous times a day.
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