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Originally Posted by Jenaimarr View Post
"acute" - as in an acute condition/acute pain/acute illness

It sounds the opposite of what it means.

There are a couple words in the english language having that strange characteristic. Bespeak and cleave also come to mind.
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Originally Posted by Hazad View Post
Though I wouldn't consider myself a grammar nazi, I hate when people mix up good and well. FWIW, my gf hates the word panties.
What word does she use?
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"You're fired."
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I've come to really and truly hate the way people abuse the term High Definition. It seems like everyone is trying to cash in on the hype by somehow labelling their product HD. I recently saw an article in a newspaper about cosmetics companies offering "HD makeup" specially formulated for people being filmed in HDTV (there is also blu-ray makeup apparently.) Also, I just saw this ad on TV for HD vision sunglasses: Are these things supposed to actually increase the resolution of real-world objects and make them appear more life-like? I've often walked down the street and thought to myself "everyone looks so grainy today"
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Using the words 'as well' when the word 'too' will work.
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this one seems to be forum specific:

another one that is specific to other forums I've read are:
"has" being used instead of "have" - "yea I has the right gun"
"are" being used instead of "am" - "I are the winner!"
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I don't like when people call me "son" or "bro." Especially if they're not the kind of person who should be saying it.
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I notice - to my chagrin - that Americans invert the phrase "I couldn't care less" to "I could care less." This makes no sense!
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I have thought about the exact same thing. Because logically, that means you somewhat care. My sister does that occasionally. Speaking of whom, I smell something burning in the kitchen.
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Basically, what happened was.......because basically he/she........and basically the story goes!

You know

Well, uh, you know you could do..........and then you know you should do...........because you know......

Think first about 1 or 2 sentences ahead before you open your mouth & take out all the "you knows" & the "basically" & you would end up having a decent, coherent sentence.

I guess it's okay if you're 15 & still in school but I hate it when I hear grown ups in their 30's + do this!
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I work in a pool teaching kids and adults how to swim. Today I had this lady. And she kept saying I cant do it, Oh no I cant do that. Blah Blah Blah. I had to tell her, for every time you say that im adding a lap to the end of our lesson. I think by the end I must have made her do another 15 laps and shes a beginner. It got rid of her fear of going into the deep end at least.
So yea, anytime someone says I cant do it without actually attempting to.
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Almost everything is organic.
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per se
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