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Shopping in london

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I am going to London next week. Some questions: - I was tipped by bengal-stripe about the factory shops in Northampton (shoes). Does anyone know when the respective shops are open? - I want to get a Barbour jacket. Any suggestion about where to go, or would the prices be appr. the same everywhere? - I am looking for a nice belt (buckle), which I intend to have for a long time. Any tips for where to go? - Any other shopping tips? I am on a budget, but like good quality and classics. Marcus
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Here is what I found for shoe outlets in Northampton (I only listed the better makes). I believe apart from Crockett & Jones all others are open Monday to Saturday (closed for lunch), but you'd better check for changes. Church's / Factory Shoe Store Spencer Street (off St James Road), Northampton Tel.: +44 (0) 1604 593 313 factory.shop@church-footwear.com Crockett & Jones / Factory Shop Perry Street, Northampton Tel.: +44 (0) 1604 631 515 info@crockettandjones.com Fri 14-17.30; Sat 9-13.30 J.L. & Co. Ltd (John Lobb) / Factory Shop Westminster Works, Oliver Street, Northampton Tel.: +44 (0) 1604 715 011 Tricker's / Factory Shop 50-60 St Michael's Road, Northampton Tel.: +44 (0) 1604 630 595 Sorry I can't help you with Barbour or with belts, but try Burberrys / Outlet store 29-53 Chatham Place, London E9 6LR (Hackney) Tel.: +44 (0) 20 8985 3344 The Sales are on at the moment (usually to end of July), but in some places they go on for even longer. Hope that helps.
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Thank you very much, bengal-stripe. Those are very reputable shoe makers. I am looking forward to compare the quality and the styles - the only good brand I can get where I live is Church's (of which you had some critical remarks regarding the leather some time ago, if I remember correctly). Too bad Edward Green doesn't have a factory outsale. I got their catalogue, also after a tip from you I think. Marcus
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Manton, I had a quick snoop in Companies House (where all UK firms have to file information) and it appears that Edward Green and John Lobb parted company in July 94. They are now two separate companies, but until 94 J L & Co was Edward Green, while E G was "Gemstar". I believe the E G side moved itself out of the existing company and, unlike Jil Sander, was able to take the name with them. Yes, I suppose I could have gotten accounts and lists of personnel; but that costs money and my nosiness doesn't go that far. I prefer to get the shoes. (Just got the other week another pair of E Gs in the sale.) About outlet shopping in Northampton, here is a Japanese website I have found: http://shoe-com.hoops.ne.jp/index.htm Has anyone one seen those Japanese sites dedicated to shoes? Just put JL or EG into Google. I know, it's in Japanese but the names are in English and there are pictures over pictures: shoe from every angle. It's like pornography.
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