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Will you be getting smaller sizes of Filson's Downstream jacket? What would you say a guy w/ a 39" chest would get in these for winter?
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The dark brown will be in the following:
All Duffles 220, 222, 223, 224
Small & Medium Field bag 230, 232
The briefcases: 256, 257, 258
Sportsman bag 266
Travel bags 246, 248
They won't be available until January.
David Crane
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I was thinking about buying a 232 for my laptop, which measures 13.5" across. Will it fit alright despite being nearly as wide as the field bag?
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Just tried it here at the store (working late to ship to all you fine folks) and it won't work. There is actually a lip on the inside of the top flap so a laptop that is more than 12" won't fit. I went the other way, and it's too tall for the flap to close. Sorry.

David Crane
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Well that's a downer. Appreciate you testing it out for me!
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I think I'm finally about to bite on a filson briefcase. But I am having trouble deciding between the zippered tote and the original briefcase (style number 256 I think). What do you folks think? The informal polling I have done among a few colleagues and frieds is the zippered tote is a bit feminine. I tend to disagree since a picture I've seen (Phat guido I think) it looks pretty awesome.
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No storm flap on the zippered tote.
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Also keep in mind the tote has no interior pockets or any dividers. I have the tote and use it for my laptop and paperwork, tools, and as an overnight bag. No dividers works for me.
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Took delivery of my 257 earlier this week. Great bag. I'm using a laptop sleeve for now but will see how it goes. Thanks Dave.
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We love happy customers. Tell all of your friends. We grew by word of mouth, and now we are again with StyleForum. My Grandmother would be shocked.
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This is a great deal on Filson stuff. I'm expecting a waxed Foul Weather jacket and a Security Wallet next week (thanks for adding that wallet on for me David). I've always loved Filson stuff and at these prices it's just too hard to pass up. Once winter really hits here in Wisconsin I may have to order a Double Mackinaw Cruiser to go with my regular Cruiser for the cold winter weather up here. Thanks you guys for the great pricing!
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Dave - I'm now looking into the 290 wheeled carry-on (you know, to go with my 257 ). Looks like it's out of stock, so how long a wait would it be until they come in? If it's a special order, do the usual discounts still apply?

Any other forum members own this item and care to comment on it?
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I am hoping by Thanksgiving. They sell out quick. Filson had production problems this summer and couldn't get all of the wheel parts. That put them behind on all of the wheeled luggage. If anyone is interested, I have the 291 in otter in stock for a while.
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Well the crazy webmaster is going to do a phone in special on a couple of Filson items. These items will be 40 off, how's that for a discount? To get the discount you'll have to specifically mention Styleforum when you call. I'll let you know tomorrow what's gonna be on special for a week. Who knows, if this goes good I just might have weekly specials all the time.
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Through October 21 the following Filson items will be discounted 40 percent.

The first item is the Filson Field Satchel #2231580! That's right, the cool leather one that everyone seems to like.

The other items are the Outfitter's Bags style # 238 and 239.

Remember this is a phone in special only and you have to mention Styleforum to get the 40 off price.
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