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Crane's Country Store - affiliate thread

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Hi all,

We are really pleased to announce a new premium affiliate for Styleforum, Crane's Country Store. One of our goals is to offer members a variety of affiliates who emphasize customer service and great product. Cranes has been around before the lounge suit became the business suit, and they still sell $1 sandwiches, along with a great selection of solid goods from the likes of Filson, the popularity of which transcends age and style. I see guys carrying their hunting and fishing gear in Filson, hipsters schlepping around town with laptops in their field bags, and guys out of a Ralph Lauren catelogue doing the same.

Crane's is the top retailer of Filson in the Midwest, and has the best prices (just check out the discount when you put something in the cart) that I've seen. Even better deals when you phone into the store. They will be running specials for us as well, so watch for those. The website is:


where they carry a variety of other goods you might find at a good country store. No brown suits though, as far as I can tell.


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Well let's see what the friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master (webmaster) can do for all the members and lurkers here at SF. The way this works is when you're done shopping go to the bottom of the cart page and just enter the code in the box and presto you save money. Now if you plan on buying items that require 2 discount codes just break your order down into separate orders and leave us a note in the customer comments section. We are pretty slick at the store and we will combine the shipments into one order and recalculate the shipping. Oh and don't try to stack discount codes, my software is written so it won't happen. LOL! I'll save you money but we aren't giving stuff away either. This post will be where all our active discount codes can be found. I'll edit this post and keep it updated. Have fun! Active discount code list: SFCarhartt will get you an additional 10 percent off of everything Carhartt [b]SFFilson1 will get you an additional 15 percent off of everything Filson.
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Oh, how lucky SF is to have found Crane's! For the record, I bought a Filson 257 from these guys about two months ago and loved it (and the price) so much that I jumped on a Filson 243 just last week. I can't wait to get it! These Crane boys are absolute gentlemen; in exchange for the great service, I welcome you on behalf of SF!
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hoping to order from you guys in the future
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Filson codes will be up tomorrow sometime. I have to reorganize the category.
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Hey, I'm just about to bite on a filson tote. [Not so] Patiently awaiting the code
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Looks like a neat place! You'll be recieving an order from me before winter comes. I'm starting to get into Filson stuff and would like a few coats. I really like the Mackinaw Cruisers.
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Filson codes are up and active! Have fun.
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Dang, very tempted by the 257s. Can I fit legal size folders in the bag? How about with a laptop?
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Anyone interested in an excellent flashlight should check out the SureFires.....
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We have a bunch of Surefire flashlights we want to get rid of. Call the store and talk to Dave. 25 percent off what we have in current stock. Tell him you saw it here, OK?
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Originally Posted by airportlobby View Post
Dang, very tempted by the 257s. Can I fit legal size folders in the bag? How about with a laptop?

I'm able to fit a four inch thick legal-size size redwell in my 257 along with my tiny Vaio laptop.
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OK SFers, should I have a Christmas in July sale? Yay or nay?
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oh yes, right now im thinking of buying one of the bags.
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