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Originally Posted by cfwu View Post

Very interesting thread.

I'm 170cm. I usually buy shirts sized S or 39 15/half. I tried some shirts from Camicissima (being an Italian brand, we have a lot of their shops here in Italy), and the Slim and also Extra Slim shirts seems to be too much long. Same problem with the sleeves too much long and loose-fitting.

about the sleeves and fit, take them to a tailor, shirts can be altered easily.

i'm also 170cm, but don't suffer the shirts length yet

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Thank you for the suggestion smile.gif
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A heads up Peter Manning has some stuff on sale for 30% off. Shirts and chinos. 


About to pull the trigger on the oxfords but has anyone have any experience with his stuff?


I am 5'5" 120lb. thinking size 1 will fit really well.

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Good thread. I have comments and questions.


I'm 5'5 with an athletic build. I have legs like a running back, which makes finding pants with enough room in the seat tough. 


I've bought two Ted Baker sports coats in the past year from Nordstrom. They sell short sizes and the fits are good, though a tad bit small. My dress shirts mostly come from Charles Tywhitt ( They will alter the sleeves for you and I believe the shirt length as well. Good quality shirts, though you need to buy three to four to get the good prices. I have also bought custom shirts from My Tailor and have been pleased with them.


Now for the question: what do you all do for sweaters? I'm always having to fold up the cuffs on any sweater I buy.


I've tried Peter Manning once and though the sweater seemed to be of good quality, I didn't like the fit. The length was great, but the fit was loose around the body. I wish he had a more of a traditional sizing system or at least a way of comparing chest & sleeve size to traditional systems. I will say that Peter was good about answering questions and emails and I would consider giving him another try at some point in the future. The return process was no hassle.


Any help on the sweater issue would be great.



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Did you buy these? Just wondering because at 120 lbs you might be too thin for his stuff, which seems to be constructed for more of an average build. (I had to get his weekend shirt taken in, for example.)



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I've had a lot of luck with Banana Republic and H&M for sweaters. The arms are almost always too long. I usually just push them up a little bit. H&M is better than BR if you have short arms, but BR obviously makes a higher quality garment.


Also, I just got a sweater (almost like a henley with a collar, actually, or like a rugby shirt) from ASOS that fits very well (XS).



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I'm 5'5 and 124 lbs, 28' waist, 34' chest, 14.5' collar, 7.5 D shoe size. On somewhat of a budget, but trying to graduate into better quality as funds permit. This is what I know that fits me.


Florsheim - shoes, belts (Allen 7.5 D, Leather Applique 32')

FortheFit - dress shirts (Classix M20 Trim Proportional Fit 5'8 and under 14 30/31)

LeeJeans - casual jeans, pants, chinos (Reg Fit Straight leg 30x30, Flat Front Twill 30x30, Chinos 30x30)

SockBroker - dress socks (Vannucci Imperial, Windsor Collection Sock Sz 8-11)


These are not the best quality or top of the line, but at least they really come close to fitting me without going MTM or Bespoken. To me constantly growing up in oversized, ill fitting clothes makes the Fit the absolute most important thing about clothing. Graduating to MTM or Bespoken will take time (or a larger paycheck).


Currently I still need to find a good Jumper/Sweater, Sports Jacket, Suit.


I have not tried 5th&Lamar of Austin, Texas but they look to be of good quality and a definite step up from what I currently wear.


5th&Lamar - shirts, sweaters (Super Slim Cut Tuckers, Shorties and Sweaters)


It looks like Banana Republic has some interesting choices:


Pullovers  In V-Neck and Crew-Neck

XS  29 Waist,  35 Chest, 32 Sleeve

_S  31 Waist,  37 Chest, 33 Sleeve


Herringbone Wool Blazer -Tailored Fit Trim, 36 Short (hopefully can be altered)

Grey Pinpoint Italian Wool Suit Jacket - Slim Trim,  36 Short (hopefully can be altered)


It looks like Men's Wearhouse has at least a couple choices:


Gray Extra Short Suit 87% Poly, 5% Wool - Suits that fits a man who is under 5’6” tall

Charcoal Extra Short Suit 100% Wool - Suits that fits a man who is under 5’6” tall


The thing about BR and MW is they seem to specifically call out that their "smaller" menswear is not available in the store, but only when ordering Online. I found this true of all the other suppliers I've dealt with as well. Ready to Wear does seem to exist, but only if you special order it.


Since the average target customer is 5'11 that kind of makes sense, even if it puts me at a disadvantage.


I've been looking for quite a while before jumping in and having lots of bad luck going to stores and buying online. I almost went MTM or Bespoken upfront. But slowly after a lot of returns and getting used to the process. I think I've come to believe that Korean and Asian brands and makers do size down and follow a more proportional cut.


I couldn't get used to the quality in boys wear.. it was really not good and cut wrong.


But I got a lot of complements when I just "tried" to find better fitting clothes online, instead of giving up and buying whatever was at the local department store.


Lee's was a real turning point, they actually have trim fitting jeans in their straight leg. They don't last like Levi's maybe a year or two with daily wear. But for the fit they are more than worth that. I'm branching out into their twill and chinos.. lots better fit than Dockers for me.. no more baggy seat.


FortheFits (import?) of the Classix shirts, and specifically the Proportional for men under 5'8 shirts were awesome. Its all about the Fit.


I'm optimistically looking at the 5th&Lamar shirts and sweater collection. They don't have a brick and mortar (I only live about 80 minutes from them) but I'm okay with Online shopping at this point.


I've had a real problem picking a dress shoe style and finding them. At first I went straight to Allen Edmond's, but the line up was "overwhelming" for a new guy to say the least. And the prices daunting.


But then I backed off a little and went to Florsheim.. never could find my sizes in stock in the store.. so off to online I went and found a plain Blucher. The whole Balmoral, Blucher, Boot, Slipon thing still seems like a lot of styles to manage, not to mention Captoe, Brogue, Wingtip, Black, Brown, Cognac, Burgundy.


I still don't know how it will all blend together.. I fear a mess.. but I'm trying.


And colors? Skin tone, Season, Watch, Ties, Wallets.. really makes me appreciate the carefree life of a Poor Undergraduate years ago..

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Thread Starter 
anyone know how to get smaller sized socks? I'm like a size 8 and this whole one size fits all sized 8-12 is ridiculous. If we're not all wearing the same size shoe, how are we going to wear the same sock?! For those of you with feet around size 7/8, what do you do for socks? the 'heel' of many of mine is creeping up the back of my leg...
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

anyone know how to get smaller sized socks? I'm like a size 8 and this whole one size fits all sized 8-12 is ridiculous. If we're not all wearing the same size shoe, how are we going to wear the same sock?! For those of you with feet around size 7/8, what do you do for socks? the 'heel' of many of mine is creeping up the back of my leg...

i had the same problem, 7.5D in dress shoes has a specific web page for smaller socks, hint sock size does not match shoe size has pricier but calf length gray workout socks.. well worth the wait for shipping, thick and cotton, helps with the one size larger running shoe issue and absorbing moisture when you get hot and your feet sweat working out
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i,in size 6.5,always buy pantherella size M (fits 7-9) cotton/nylon socks

of course they're large at first,but after some wash, they would shrink to fit me well

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For dress socks



Vannucci is one brand that shows up at Sears and online hit or miss, they do make a nice line of socks in several sizes.


And they do recognize and "print" the difference between the "Sock Size" and the "Shoe Size"


Sock Broker though seems to carry many lines including the Windsor Collection,

its just really nice to have a place that markets to the need for smaller socks





One thing with Wool or mixed blend socks though is that they will "shrink up" after washing


Since they are like "Sweaters" materially, this shouldn't come as a surprise, hand washing is probably recommended,

in spite of the washing directions on the back of the card.


What was that soap.. Woolite.. from the 1970's commericals ?


These socks are "thin" and comfortable once stretched over your calves, and hit about midway on a 5'5 guy like myself


The heels "do not" ride up, on me, 7.5 shoe size, they stay put.


There is just enough "tightness" to almost make you think "compression", but that is useful, it keeps them from falling down.


By the way, these socks are "ribbed style", it mostly depends on your taste.. some people think the channels allow more air flow or sweat flow and keep your ankles and feet dryer and cooler.. they generally are the hardest to find.. but cost no more than plane flat socks. Do these "make your feet look fat".. lol.. that's an entirely different question.



I get the sense you just have to "chase" down Vannucci or specific brands as they come and go at particular retail and online stores


eBay is a good place to find "the same brand" if you like to get the exact same thing each time


Amazon would be another place


Or you might sample very quickly and re-order before they run out of stock


Otherwise, finding an online website that caters to "small shoe size socks" or "mens small feet socks" would be your best bet


I have a paranoid "feeling" that the major chains run out of the smaller sock sizes in the mens section because Mom's buy the better stuff for their boys.. but it's just a wild theory.. but, have you seen the variety and quality of boys socks lately.. not a lot of choice.


And like another poster to this thread said.. "Buy Italian" anything truly Italian will run true and more fitted.

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Originally Posted by GentlemanJohnny View Post

Just finished perusing this forum topic and checked out a bunch of the links...thanks to everyone that contributed!


2 things:


I always chuckle on the inside when someone comments on being short and then reveals they are 5'6 or 5'8 or something like that...being 5'2 I'd give anything to be above 5'5 confused.gif...not to disparage you guys...I just always assumed that when people said short they meant under 5'5.


Also...for the guys on SF around my size plus or minus 2 inches (perhaps we fall into a sub-category of our own):  there are lots of good descriptions of sizes and measurements but I never see any pictures of suits/formal shirts/dress pants/jeans/etc. being modeled by guys of our diminutive any of you guys know any sites that do this?  I've checked out most of the links in this forum topic and others that cater to shorter gentlemen unfortunately those websites always have photos of guys who appear to be 5'6 or 5'8 or more so I can never really tell what the [product] would look like on me. 


So does anybody in the X-Short category know of any sites that have clothes or models targeting our demographic?  Or does anybody with a well-established wardrobe have any pictures or self-shots that they could post?  I've made do through high school and college and the last couple of years with XS department store OTR items that were tailored or larger childrens' sizes and am now starting to build a more mature wardrobe with high quality apparel tailored for guys our size.


Thanks for the feedback!




ok.. (me) 5 foot 5 inches, 124 lbs


shirts, definitely not in their best light, un-ironed un-starched


Classix M20 Blue 14.5/32, Classix M20 White 14/30


55% Poly 45% Cotton, point collars, arm holes are higher than normal but plenty of room,

waist is tapered, length is just right for tucking but not bunched up. They have a chest pocket which I would rather not have,

have thought of un-stitching the pocket on a new shirt and sending it to a dry cleaners to see if you could tell the pocket was removed.


comes with extra buttons sewn into the front placket on the bottom


they also have a grey, sand and light blue colors in this style, no patterns or designs


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This is great. I'm 5'5" 135. I had an amazing experience with buying a navy suit from Jimmy Au's. Alan made me feel like their most important customer when I was there and the suit is fantastic. When I first wore it, I received more compliments in one day than ever.

I just tried an order of custom jeans from Luxire and I should have them on Monday. I'll let everyone know how it works out.

Also, I just sent some ties off to Tie Crafters for shortening but I'm definitely going to try Sam Hober for some custom ties.
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I just tried online through JCPenny again, this time for pants.


I had tried really hard to find a shirt style of any kind in athletic, trim, slim or modern and failed miserably. I took everything back. The cuts are bizzare and wrong. Pockets practically under the arm holes.. or Ironman style near the chest.


So I didn't have high hopes looking for pants would work out.


I started by looking in the Stafford collection, known for listing the content of their fabrics. And started in Suit Separates since they are often imported (perhaps from Italy) at lower costs than usual.


I worried the fabrics would be thin, inconsistent or just cut all wrong.. but continued.


First the link - Stafford® Travel Suit Separates - Slim Fit


They are sold as a Suit jacket and pant separately.


I was only interested in the pant. They actually have them in 100% wool and a wool/polyester blend. Since I was looking for something for work, I went with the blend.


I didn't really expect success and was surprised they went down to 29 and 28 inch waist.


The 30 inch inseam however was what I thought would make the pants balloon around my thighs and calves. But I figured what the heck, they can always be hemmed and maybe they take that into account.


It was near New Years and they had a 50% off sale, nice.. and would deliver to the local store for no shipping fee.. also very nice.


I ordered the 29 x 30 and was kind of disappointed, the waist still seemed to orbit my belt line like Jupiter orbits the Sun. The "troughy" trousers had kind of a regular triangular cut from the hips to the ankle. But the "rise" was much shorter than any pant I'd tried before, they were lined to the knee and the fabric felt "wooly" and less like a blend than I expected.


So I ordered the 28 x 30 and was simply "Amazed" beyond words.


I've never worn pants where.. I actually thought.. are the legs too narrow? from a stylish stand point? I mean they fit, I had plenty of room.. but they didn't look like Flags on a Flagpole. The extra fabric of the 30 inch inseam caused multiple "breaks" at the bottom over my dress shoes.. but getting them hemmed was really an option now.


The knees were not down at the ankles.


I would have to say they are bigger than a 28 inch waist.. they run large enough for exactly two fingers extra inside my belt loop for me.. and they ride "just above" the hips.. different from a jean.. but not like a formal dance belt over the waist. So if you wear jeans a lot they won't feel all much different.


The "rise" is definitely "shorter" and by this I mean they ride above the hips, but not by much.. and thats good, because on me.. any higher and I'd be signing Soprano.


I worry in my excitement they actually could be a tiny bit too tight.. but as objectively as I could these were a better fit overall than a 29 x 30 by a large factor.


They have belt loops, and it looks like the waist is designed with a little extra fabric to let the seat out if necessary. And of course if hemmed right.. a growing boy could wear these and have them altered until their waist over took what could be let out.


So they are out for alterations or I'd post a picture. I've never had alterations done before, so this is the first time with a tailor.. even for a simple hem I'm nervous. These pants come so close to being off the rack "perfect".


I just really liked seeing the crease in the pants legs glide unbroken from my waist area all the way to my shoe. I felt like James Bond.


But even the Online JCPenny store seems to run out of stock for this item in the 28x30 in many of the colors quickly.. I'm guessing it has to do with imports and taking the risk short guys will order these online. They do not carry them in store.


Next up I'll be looking at the Jackets that go with these and the 100% wool counter parts.


The quality may actually not be up to the guy who are a bit larger and have lots of choices. But for me where "fit" is everything.. I'm simply very pleased.


As a side note, a friend convinced me to try Jos A. Banks and I found one 35S Suit in the entire store, it felt great and fit really well, but at that price, I had to reconsider for now.


Its really hard finding "good fitting clothes" for a smaller man, the temptation is always there to compromise and buy a nice looking shirt with a window pane pattern or stripes.


But the shirt is the only thing that will look good on you draped over your Charlie Brown frame. I don't have a gut and I've got decent shoulders.. but when it comes to wearing "Tents" we all look like Charlie Brown.. trust me.. "fit" has to come first.. above all else.


Another thing is I've discovered the "difference" between Laundry "Sizing and Starch".


"Sizing" is applied like Starch from an Aerosol can, but smells nice and seems to impart a wrinkle free stability and soft texture to fabric. It makes dress shirts that are washable very comfortable and removes puckers at the seams.


"Starch" adds body and structure? to a fabric that previously had no stand up power.


I rather like "Sizing" for the everyday, its less "uncomfortable" than Starch, doesn't seem to flake as much or smell as bad. Yet it also seems to get the wrinkles out and keeps them out for a while.

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This is a great forum i just found.  Im 5'4'' about 127 with size 6 feet, but 5 in boots and dress shoes it seems like.  


I mostly wear JCREW- but i dont understand why they make there pants so long.  28 X 32 WTF, so i just end up fold  There XS clothing tends to fit most of the time.  


Mack Weldon (x-small)- Discovered them when i was deployed.  Best fitting boxers ive ever owned.  Also they breath great.  I had a problem in Kuwait with my junk smelling when i was wearing under armour.  They just didnt breath.  Mack Weldon solved that problem.  


Clarks (size 6)


Allen Edmonds (size 5)- They are getting a pair of dress shoes from another store sent to the Birmingham store so i can try them on.  Lets pray they fit good since this seems to be the only good dress shoe company that will carry my size.  


Reebok (size 5 kids shoes) (x-small) adult clothing fits really good, well ive only worn the crossfit gear.


Nike (size 6) The only combat boots that fit me good


Vans (size 6)  besides Clarks these are the only other shoes i wear since nothing else fits me and looks good when wearing my chinos.  

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