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I just visited NYC and made my pilgrimage to Uniqlo. I know it's not 'fancy' stuff, but honestly every time I go, I walk out with a huge pile of stuff for a little pile of money and everything just fits perfectly. Their OCBD's, Sportscoat, pants, everything in XS and 28/29 waist and it's all just perfect. If you have one near you or can do internet orders with returns, I highly recommend trying their stuff.

Same here. I'm 5'5" 130lbs and XS from Uniqlo has caused me to fling large piles of cash in their direction. This fit is almost all Uniqlo: sweater, jeans, and blazer (I had the sleeves shortened, the sides taken in, and different buttons put on).

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and size! How can you sell shoes down to the half size, but then for socks it's just like sorry, size 8-12 for everyone good luck. I've started buying womens socks since technically I'm a 10 in womens so at the upper end of their range. All the good ones like Gold Toe, or even Uniqlo are all way way too big (I'm a size 8)

AMEN. Socks are the worst. H&M almost always has a smaller size but the colors and options are generally limited. I've bought women's before, will probably need to do that again sometime soon.

Other stuff that works for me:
  • Jcrew XS slim fit shirts, as many have said - I mostly buy button downs from them but I noticed the last time I was in there that they've started to carry the Ludlow in a 34S. The shoulders are 17" (I made them get a tape measure out which was met with surprise). I'm 16.5" in the shoulders so I don't think I'll sacrifice on that but the rest of the proportions were solid.
  • In San Francisco, I get my dress shirts made at Spoon Tailor for $100 a pop - working on my first pair of flannel pants from them now for $280
  • Ben Sherman shirts, sweaters, and jackets in XS
  • For shorter ties I've been using ebay lately as you can choose to only see "short" ties which they classify as 57" or less, and I also don't like wearing ties that are more than 3.25" wide so I choose that search criteria too

Glad I found this thread - will start browsing some of the links!