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Dupioni silk suit

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I'm considering the purchase of an off-white Belvest Dupioni silk (100%), double breasted (6 to 2), side vented suit priced at $1875.  This is an off the peg garment. Surprisingly, I've found little availability of Dupioni silk suits, and was wondering why.  Oxxford has one such suit with classic Duke of Windsor styling.  Is anyone familiar with this particular suit?  Price? Can anyone provide any information on dupioni silk suits, in general? Availability? Suppliers? etc.?  I'd prefer a MTM, but will settle for RTW, if necessary. Also, Flusser mentions somewhere that high quality dupioni silk is now woven in only one European location, but he does not elaborate where that is.  Does anyone have the answer to this question? Thank you.
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See this article from Departures mag (the Amex Platinum card magazine) Dupioni silk article Also see: Oxxford dupioni silk In the future, you might also try a google search before posting here; I found both of these articles by doing so.
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Shoefan, thank you for your response.  As it turns out, I had read, prior to posting my questions, both of the articles to which you referred in your reply, and had gotten some of what I sought from them.  I would have thought that my reference to Oxxford's Dupioni suit would have made this rather obvious.  My post was an appeal for input, mostly subjective, of forum members who have had personal experience with this suit.  My query also sought other information that was not addressed in the above referred to articles, and that I've been unable to locate elsewhere.
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RayK, I think that the dearth of suits of Dupioni silk and other "novelty" or seasonal fabrics is due to the fact that many manufacturers don't want to take the risk of making RTW clothes in these fabrics. Specifically, if the fabric is cashmere, Super 150s, 180s or 210s, or silk, they would assume a great loss if the clothes don't sell. Customers may like the fabric but not the style. MTM clothes often allow the choice of cotton and silk, especially in the summer. I have been looking for RTW cotton suits and jackets and cotton pants, and both are difficult to find even in the summer.
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Apparently raw silk (noil) is one of the strongest fabrics, comparable with wool in certain weaves such as herringbone. Kind of nice knowing a silk suit is functional as well as luxurious. PS. Does anyone know the best silk mills? English, Italian, or what? Chinese, perhaps?
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I really like Dupioni suits myself, although I would go with tan or navy instead of cream, just because I would worry about soiling a cream suit. I don't know exactly how much the Oxxford's go for, but I'm guessing a pretty penny. Below, I have linked to pictures of an incredible Oxxford dupioni suit I once sold: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Other than Oxxford, I have only seen Dupioni suits from Zegna. But if you go the MTM route, then there are probably a lot of options. Go for it, it's a great look and not many men have the cojones and the style needed to try it.
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Other than Oxxford, I have only seen Dupioni suits from Zegna.
Neiman Marcus (or at least the Houston Neiman Marcus) is carrying a Kiton Dupioni suit this season very similar in color to the one you posted pictures of. I can't remember the price, but needless to say, it wasn't cheap. It was striking, though. Edit: I went back and checked the price of the Kiton Dupioni suit today: $4195. Like I said, not cheap...
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I have an off-white dupioni suit from WW Chan.  Single breasted.  I really like this suit.  The only time I feel more stylish is when I'm wearing my tuxedo.   I wear mine with and without a tie.  I particularly like the suit with linen dress shirts.   Go for it.  A true luxury you should treat yourself to.
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Gentlemen, thank you for the helpful info.  This suit has been calling to me for years, but for some inexplicable reason I've never taken the plunge.  WW Chan is a possibility that I had never considered. Oxxford offers a Dupioni silk suit in their Duke of Windsor collection, which is stunning; but the price of $2700 for a non-bespoke suit gives me an unpleasant jolt, Oxxford's reputation for impeccable quality notwithstanding.  It is for the same reason that I couldn't imagine myself actually paying retail for a RTW Kiton or Attolini...although I'm in love with the cut of Attolini jackets. Kai, I placed a request with Chan for info on US visits/locations.  Where did you have your initial measurements taken?  Were there any fittings?  I'm familiar with Chan's pricing, but am curious what premium was paid for Dupioni? Thanks
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Kai, I placed a request with Chan for info on US visits/locations.  Where did you have your initial measurements taken?  Were there any fittings?  I'm familiar with Chan's pricing, but am curious what premium was paid for Dupioni? Thanks
I got mine from Chan, because I couldn't find any RTW dupioni suits. I had my original measurements taken in Hong Kong. I bought two suits and a blazer from them while I was in Hong Kong for a week. Involved 4 visits/fittings. The Dupioni suit was made later on. They used my existing pattern. There were no fittings, but it fit perfectly, so all was good. I've had decent luck with using the existing pattern. I've ordered two suits from Chan since my Hong Kong trip. The Dupioni suit fit perfectly, the other suit needed minor adjustments to the pants and vest which I had done locally. This in not too surprising, as none of my Hong Kong suits had vests, and the pants in question were of a different cut and style than the pants which were fitted in Hong Kong. Price for the Dupioni suit was about $1100 I believe (2 piece, 3 button jacket) The cloth is very nice, Italian mill beautiful hand. I am considering getting another one made, this time in taupe, with a partial lining, rather than the full lining of my cream colored suit. Sounds to me like the price savings of Chan vs Oxxford could buy you a trip to Hong Kong.
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