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Seattle SF meetup w/SoCal

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Seattle Meetup is finally happening, featuring SoCal. The last thread was about cruises, places to stay and the meet-up so I decided to dedicate one thread entirely to the meet-up. I think the dates are the 28th and/or the 6th. He is staying at the 1000 on Columbia and 1st (I think). Please leave opinions on where, when and what to do. I suggest going to Wild Waves but would also be open to dinner, drinks, or a singroom in the ID (with drinks).
This will on the 28th of June at a yet to be decided time and place but anybody planning to come should be in Seattle around dinner time.
Totally Epic
J (as much as I can infer from 'duh')
Not sure about:
Tokyo Slim
hiisociety (troll?)

The only suggestions on what/where to eat have come from me so far, if anybody has other ideas don't be shy about sharing them. Wherever we go, with this many people on a Saturday reservations would probably help.
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Yes I'm there the night of the 28th and the night of the 6th and staying at Hotel 1000.

The closer the place to that would probably be better.
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I suggest someone picking SoCal up at the 1000, going to Tamarind Tree in Little Saigon and then going to the Massacre neighborhood off Jackson and drinking at Busch Gardens Chinese or one of the singrooms. The proximity is close and it is all a lot more interesting than the La Condesa/S. Beach feel that most Belltown bars are going for. Unless anybody wants to go to Shorty's/Lava, I'll probably be there already. Remember: close to downtown. the okra lemongrass satay is like getting a blowjob from an angel on a bed of rose petals.
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what no south beach?!? far from belltown is good for me
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I'd be down for Tamarind Tree.
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Thats no fair at all I want to meet socal2nyc <3
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lol you realize we live in NYC
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Originally Posted by playdohh22 View Post
Thats no fair at all I want to meet socal2nyc <3

You're welcome out to Seattle anytime but if you want to meet SoCal here it should be on the 28th or the 6th. I hope we can firm-up the plans for this soon as I know many of us (me) have summer vacation plans for around that time as well.
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nothing to do with this thread but +A LOT on your avatar hossoso....I wore a tshirt with that record cover the other day

where's the unity?!!
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Watch your drinks, gentlemen
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Don't worry. My girlfriend is dropping me off and picking me up, if I am not there she'll probably put out an Amber Alert (I'll warn her that SoCal might *possibly* have homosexual tendencies that could endanger my honor). I also happen to think that rufinol is an awesome recreational drug. Good times!
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Where's Robin?
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i'll be there. Yea, where's robin? Everyone should come to this. hossoso, you should edit your first post with an attendee list.
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Might be out of town on the 28th, but I might not be.

I will be in town on the 6th, but its a Sunday, so I'll be going to bed pretty early that evening.
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Old man.
The 6th I don't need to have an all night rager since I have a flight at like 1030 on Monday morning.
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