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In that case, I can be convinced to spend a bit more for a quality suit -- since I won't be back in HK any time in the near future. What is the baseline for a quality suit. I'm seeing $700 - $1000. Is that about right? And if I'm set on dropping $1000 for a suit, I take it I should go to WW Chan? Also, which tailors are more likely to be able to deviate from the house style, which I hear is quite padded and boxy, and emulate a more modern and trim cut?
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I think Chan can make a suit in $1000 if you use something like VBC.
The other good thing is they come to US and good after sale service.
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A friend of mine goes to a place in Hong Kong called Fletcher Jones (exact same name as an Australian store) and I've seen his stuff and it looks fine. Appears to be canvassed and style is quite good. I believe they will be near or not much outside your price range. From memory I think the owner's name is Tommy Wong.
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On my last visit to HK, I got a couple of shirt's made at Sams. They are much cheaper than Chan -- less than half the cost -- but the quality is pretty bad. Maybe I made the mistake of not being specific, but the seams appear poorly stitched and the buttons are of poor quality. I've been getting shirts made at Chan for about 6 years or so and I've generally been very pleased, but there prices have been going up as of late. I'm probably going to try Jantzen or for my next order.
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For a lengthy discussion on Bangkok tailors, this Lonely Planet thread is actually quite helpful.

Has anyone been to William Chung in TST in HK? Any thoughts?
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Stay way from Tai Pan Row! I ordered a suit from them on their recent trip to the US and it's junk. Wasted almost one grand.
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I returned the suit, and they issued me a full refund, postage and all.
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Does anyone know if it's possible to order a suit from any of the good HK tailors mentioned without actually going there (or meeting them when they do their tours)?

Obviously if you did the measurements yourself you wouldn't be getting the proper result, but what's the best option if going to HK in the near future is not an option?
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Over the weekend a friend showed me his "amazing" $100 "custom" "suits" made of 100% "Italian" "wool" from his recent trip to HK.

I am really growing as a person because I was able to keep my mouth shut.
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Originally Posted by Antonio Centeno View Post
Hong Kong has it's advantages, a cluster of highly trained tailors and an environment of tax free imports when it comes to fabrics. There is also a bit of a price war going on, as the number of suit buyers visiting Hong Kong has been in steady decline since the Chinese takeover. New rich chinese business men do not buy suits like there American and British counterparts did. Finally they do have some quality controls; but it's not London, and if you don't know what you are looking for you can get ripped off.

Bangkok doesn't have the import tax advantage (higher end fabrics from Italy and England have a hefty duty on them), but the Thai cost of labor is much lower than in HK. In Thailand, you also will find that a higher majority of the tailors there will sell you shoddy merchandise and lie to your face about the quality and make-up of their fabric. Here if you don't know what you're looking for, you will without a doubt get ripped off.

Hong Kong is a safer place to shop, but in Bangkok if you know where to go you can get a better deal. My two cents.

There is a store in Atlanta that has swatches, takes your measurements and has shirts and blazers tailor-made in Hong Kong. I don't know specifically where in Hong Kong they get it made.

I assume you guys would not advise this given that I would have no control over the process at all?
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Aaron, I am sure you have something to do with this tailors you are mentioning, I see another new posting talking this place up

I doubt anyone else here has ever heard of this place. I am not likely to run round there and visit the place but it's run by Sindies and usually their stuff is poor which is why they need pay losers to hang on the street annoying people with promos.
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mkarim, out of curiosity what is the name of this store?

bohdathone- it is possible. just be very clear on how they handle alterations. i attempted this once, the tailor had me send the suit back to hk to make the adjustments, then mailed it back. he charged me for mailing both ways, plus a fee for alterations!
the end result was pretty good but the process can be tedious and expensive.

i would not recommend sam's tailor for shirts, very poor quality. as some of the others have mentioned, Chan makes great quality shirts but is quite pricey. I go to Om custom Tailors, slightly cheaper than Chan but excellent quality.

Pasha, I'm curious to know what was wrong with your suit from Tai Pan Row. good to know you got a refund. I have seen many stores around HK and have considered trying them out but have seen many bad reviews.
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Originally Posted by timoadolf View Post
mkarim, out of curiosity what is the name of this store?

It's called, aptly, Hong Kong Tailors.
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ah makes sense, nothing suspicious about that i suppose. what control would you have over the process if the suits were made locally or offshore? the only real communication you have is with the salesman in the retail shop.. perhaps you could ask them where in hong kong if that concerns you. thanks for the name though.
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^^ u decided to name ur alias after them ?
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