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I will be in London from January 6th to the 9th. Although I am having a first fitting done on a bespoke suit while I am there, (after reading this thread) I am hoping to pick up a RTW suit -- a solid color or classic stripe-- on sale if the price is right. Does anyone know: First- will there be anything left? (I am somewhere between a 42R and 43R US.) Second- What is the range of "sale" prices for RTW at the following establishments: Gieves & Hawkes; Chester Barrie; Kilgour; Ede & Ravenscroft; Hacket; any others that you might know about. Third- Are RTW suits by these establishments canvassed of fused? Thanks. ENCooper.
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TKDKid, If these were holdovers from the Summer sale, does that mean they just shove them in a warehouse or back room if no one bites at the current markdown? I think I could rationalise a pair at a little lower, but don't want to make endless trips to Burlington and Jermyn street if it's unnecessary. Wait, who am I kidding, I'll be doing that anyway, but it would be nice to know.
I don't think they do further reductions, but maybe that'll depend on how the sale goes or how much they want to clear their stock.  After the summer sale, the models which were being discontinued and hadn't sold were put back on display with their full price tags (before being reduced again for the winter sale).  The Handgrade seconds stayed at the same price - they're ~200 GBP all year round.  All the other stuff (samples, abandoned orders, stuff made for other markets) I think went into storage in a back room or sent to the factory. Gordon Scott on New Bond Street does have a tendency for further reductions though - it went down to 50% off everything towards the end of their summer sale.  Quite a few C&J models on offer at the moment too, including Handgrades.  Not sure when their current sale will end - it's been going on for a while now - so try giving them a ring.
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I am departing for a week in London first thing tomorrow morning, so for purely selfish reasons I have made this post to bump this thread back into the limelight, in case anyone has any further information to assist me in my mission to never pay full price for anything. I am specifically after shirts, pocket squares, silk knots, possibly a pair of heavy duty country brogues, maybe a suit at the right money, possibly an umbrella, badger shaving brush, and some more cords, or machine washable moleskins. I appreciate this is a long list, but I have done some planning, so it is just an appeal for any new, last minute updates that have come to light in the last few days.
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Nonk, you'll find just about everything you need on Jermyn street. I would also go to Cordings on Piccadilly (sale on among other things, cords and moleskins) and Ede & Ravenscroft (ditto) at the bottom of Saville Row. For some reasons, I haven't seen good sales on pocket squares and umbrellas. For the latter, you need to go to Smith's, which has the best selection in London. Silk knots are more expensive here, so may be worth buying in the US. TM Lewin on Jermyn street, if you're after them, has a wide variety. They're "half-off", but the full price is a joke and at least that much higher than it should be. All of these are within walking distance of eachother and would make for a lovely day of shopping.
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Shirts, pocket squares: Turnbull and Asser or New and Lingwood (both in Jermyn St). Plenty of sale stock still left. Silk knots: widest choice is at Lewin's (Jermyn St). Heavy duty country brogues: they may not have anything 'heavy' enough but there is a good sale at George Cleverley's (Royal Arcade) - all RTW brown shoes are £175. A suit at the right money: not sure what you're after... maybe Hackett (Jermyn St) or see what's left at Ede & Ravenscroft? Umbrella: got to be a Brigg umbrella from Swaine & Adeney (S. James St, opposite the end of Jermyn St). Badger shaving brush: George Trumper (Jermyn St). Cords, moleskins: Cordings (Piccadilly) or Hackett (Jermyn St). Good luck.
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A big thank you to all who have contributed to this thread. I have noted the invaluable information given in my pocketbook (I am an old fashioned Cop) and will report the results of my trip upon my return. If I am not back within a week- AVENGE MY DEATH. Also if anyone sees a fat, (I have a Cop's physique now too) bald, Irish bloke laden with Harvie and Hudson bags limping into a pub somewhere, be sure to say hello. Mine's an Old Speckled Hen.
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