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I would have recommended the Seiko Orange Monster (readily available for under $200 on the net) but for the fact that your friend has already broken a Seiko diver.  This one may be a bit more durable than the one he broke and worth looking into.
Wow, I like that. I'll check into that and all the others. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
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This guy seems to sell alot of watches that may fit your bill J, including the Seiko Orange Monster for $153, and a black version for $140. Sorry about that, made the URL into a smaller one because that was too long to link.
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Anyone know anything about these? Some of them look great.
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At the other end of the spectrum, may I present the Grand Seiko: Jon.
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If you're not looking for something mechanical, I'd highly recommend the St. Moritz line - I have the Titan II chronograph, which is pretty much indestructible. Titanium case and strap. It may be a little over your budget, but its little brother, the Pathfinder may fit, and its a great watch, too. Bone tough. Edited for spelling, and to add an image.
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Originally Posted by ViroBono,10 Dec. 2004, 1:49
Take a look at the Royal Navy Divers on Timefactors
Of course they cost about $600 each, more than what j wanted to spend. Jon.
I was thinking of the PRS 3 or 4, both of which cost £145. The most expensive RN diver watch (PRS 11) is £195. Even with the current weak dollar, I don't think that either equates to $600. I have bought several watches from Eddie at Timefactors; his Broadarrow watches are excellent quality.
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Anyone know anything about these? Some of them look great.
Have a look about four posts above yours..... You may also like to consider this: Supertough It looks as if it meets all your criteria, and you may well be able to find it nearer the price you're aiming for. I'd still go for a Broadarrow RN Diver though.
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I like that watch too, seems to be a breath of fresh air, I just wonder in what circumstances I'd wear it...
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I like that watch too, seems to be a breath of fresh air, I just wonder in what circumstances I'd wear it...
With suspenders and pitchfork, of course.. farmer.. ViroBono: yes, I found them through your link. I was wondering if the specific watches I linked to were of good quality, and you answered that. Thank you.
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I vote for Swatch. Mine has lasted for ten years now.
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I bought an Orange Monster on impulse at a Seiko outlet store for around $160.  It is a lot sturdier than one would expect a $160 watch to be, particularly the bracelet.  It is a big watch (around 43 mm), but because of the short lugs, is wearable for someone with a smaller wrist.  In sum, it is the perfect "beater."  If I wasn't a desk jockey who does a minimal amount of manual labor, I would wear it a lot more.
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For Diver's style, look at the various Seikos. ( I've been looking for a new watch, too and from what I've gathered so far, they are pretty reliable and great value for money.
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Originally Posted by j View Post
I need some recommendations for a replacement watch. I'd like to get this person (who may sometimes read the forum) a watch. He has broken a Seiko divers watch and a Timex bought to replace that. Doesn't have to be beautiful.

Must be/have:
Analog (Jon..)
Metal case
Metal bracelet
High bezel to protect crystal
Date, hopefully large or with magnifier
Maybe other functions, not necessary
Hopefully under $200. It may get lost or run over, I'm not spending a lot on this.

Any ideas?

You're looking for NOS US military watches.

Older ones (circa 1993) are fully mechanical, newer ones 2000s are battery operated.

All have tritium illunimation and all are indestructible. Price is around 150
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He ended up choosing a Seiko that was dressier than I expected. He's happy but I wonder how long it will stay looking good. He was wearing it yesterday while we were working on my car.
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I'll crosspost from the watch-porn thread: Just ordered a custom version of this from I love that the dials are "sterile", that is, logo-less. I'm slightly wary of the size, though, the "length" lug-to-lug is 48 and 50 mm respectively, which may be a lot on my puny wrist; the hands are orange (except the lume parts in the middle of them, and the seconds hand has an orange tip). I also ordered a plain crown, without the line across the middle, and AR-coated glass. $660, three times the given limit here, but still something to look into, I think. It's an hommage to this US military diver: [/quote]
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