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NYT: Gucci to Go For Volume

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From the New York Times:
Robert Polet spent much of his career in business selling mass market products, most recently frozen peas and Popsicles. Now, after a high-fashion makeover, he is about to find out if he can interest the public in $1,000 handbags. Next Tuesday, both the fashion industry, where skepticism about outsiders runs rampant, and corporate investors, with their focus on the bottom line, will be watching intently as Mr. Polet, the new chief executive of the Gucci Group, explains his strategy for the first time since joining the company in July. He has an ambitious target to announce, executives with knowledge of the plans said. Mr. Polet wants to double the sales of Gucci's own brand-name merchandise in the next seven years.
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So they're going to start the crap licensing all over again... Gucci toilet paper, anyone? In the 70s, there actually was such a counterfeit product. In the last few years I've been able to laugh at and give Gucci props for such fuck-you ironic product developments as the Gucci ice tray (vinyl, makes G-shaped, er, cubes), the dog bed, the $2400 fur stocking, and the like -- there was a certain amount of dash and genius in that such products are so over the top they had a certain decadent elegance, that sort of Cena Trimalchion effect that some Versace stuff had before Gianni bit it. I expect now we will see maybe a diffusion line (Gooch by Gucci?) hitting Robinsons-May, licensed underwear, watches and the like made in China, and stuff ending up alongside the Pierre Cardin socks-with-calculator gift pack (no joke) in the post-holiday scrum at Marshalls. The other fashion leaders will follow suit, maybe driving smaller, quality designers with actual standards out of business. Maybe Church's under Prada will introduce a el cheapo line even worse made, overpriced and made in China in the same slave factories that produce Ralph Lauren.
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the labels apparently don't care about exclusitivity anymore- they want people in the ghetto wearing authentic gucci items. So ridiculous...
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