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besides that one
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I think your belt looks great, it really suits you. Do you have any more pics of you wearing them?

I've been wearing wide belts for years, as a casual belt I wear a 2" wide tool belt, double prong. Most people don't even notice, if they do, who cares?

It's better to be individual.
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The belt fits the loop of your pants. It's probably the buckle that doesn't quite make it. Check out the Gilded Age, J. Lindenberg or HTC belts. They have wide belts.
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It just looks too much like a woman's belt to me.
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I used to wear a belt similar to that pictured in the OP but, it also included handcuffs, a canister of OC spray, cartridge pouches and an ASP. At the end of a 10 to 12 hour shift, I couldn't wait to take it off...and the body armor made me sweat like crazy! The belt is just not practical for fashion wear.
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Originally Posted by dutchguy View Post
I just bought this wide leather belt. Copy of a german army officer belt. 2 3/8" (6cm) wide and very smooth thick leather. Even wider than a cop belt.
Fits well in my G-Star jeans which has very wide belt loops. What do you think, Ok to wear with jeans?
Anybody else who wears very wide belts with jeans?

2 3/8" is extremely wide...too wide. 1 1/2" is about as wide as I'm willing to go.

But it's all just a matter of personal taste; the key word being personal. If you like it, then wear it with pride .
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could you mail me where to purchase this great belt ?? infoATcdexpress com

thanks so much! fine day, frances
rockhouse holland
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The proportion is way off. Ditch the belt.
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I like your belt a lot. How smooth is the leather on that wide belt of yours?  Has anyone ever touch that nice belt?  I would love to run my fingers across your nice shiny belt.



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Wide belt... not if you tuck your shirt in. But otherwise it's okay. The buckle seems to be the problem here. it's a little too thin

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The way it's stretching out your belt loops is comical. The thing looks just too big. It's like a prop. You've gotta go down in size a bit I'm afraid.

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You guys realize this thread is from 2008?

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Originally Posted by lckychrmsbboy View Post

You guys realize this thread is from 2008?

well the belt isn't any cooler in 2012

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Guess what guys, this belt is still awful in 2014.
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I think they're trending actually:
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