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Listing alden shell cordovan on ebay

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I'm debating on whether or not to sell a pair of Alden 986 loafers on eBay and was wondering if anyone has had any luck selling Alden shell cordovan on eBay. Any tips you can give? I want to minimize my loss. The shoes have been worn a couple of times. Does it help/hurt to say why I'm selling them (won't work with my orthotics)? I would appreciate any feedback regarding suggested listing price, etc. Thanks.
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I would leave out why you are selling them. Take good pics, showing the shoe from the side, top, sole, toe box, and 1 showing the Alden name on the sock liner. Be honest about any blemishes, condition. Generally the more effort you put into your auction the higher the price will go. I laugh at these Ebay sellers who continually get low bids on items that had they taken another 10 minutes on, could have easily gotten a higher price. I don't keep an eye on Aldens so sorry I can't comment on their popularity on Ebay.
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The shell cordovan Aldens I've seen on ebay in the past two or three months have gone for well over $200 although those were new and listed by a seller with lots of good feedback. dan
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Probably the best market for Aldens is German eBay. They achieve so incredibly high prices there that a number of sellers have taken to buying second-hand Aldens in the States and re-selling in Germany. Usually they buy the weird sizes, like AAA, as they go cheap. In Germany people are not used to different fittings, they buy them, not realizing they are incredibly narrow. So a week later, the same pair appears on eBay again. Sometimes one can follow a pair all the way through 4 different owners. Assuming you don't speak German, your shoes should nevertheless do well on US eBay as they are the right small size to attract Japanese buyers. They too, love their Aldens. (Offer worldwide shipping and Paypal.)
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Lots of high quality pictures, combined with good feedback on you, seem to be the key to getting more and higher bids. Good luck.
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