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My favorite Christmas movie is "Die Hard".
Yeah, that's a great one. Every year around Christmas my Dad'll say, "Time to put on the best Christmas movie." My Mom gets all ready to watch "Miracle On 34th Street" or "A Christmas Story" or something and is suprised to see John McClain blowing away German theives. JL: Thats cool to hear. The set designs are really incredible in that movie.
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I am amazed to see the crowds on Fifth Avenue in NYC. I have never seen such a mass of humanity. Anyone who goes into Saks at this time of year is on a suicide mission. The funny thing about the holidays is that everyone starts rushing to get work done and socialize before Christmas. For example, I have an event each night of next week that I must attend for business/social purposes. After all the flurry of activity, from about the 23rd to the January 2nd, it is dead and peaceful. Many people leave on holiday. Almost no business is done in my office. There is no activity in the courts. (We're lawyers.) It is a good catch-up time to do paperwork. Have a happy holiday. Look forward to the post-Christmas sales.
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