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Abandon Christmas? I for one say 'yes' if you embrace Festivus. Remember to air your grievances. Festivus for the rest of us Festivus
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Ah, Festivus... Have we ever discussed the truly parlous state of Seinfeld's wardrobe? I've never seen such awful, flimsy collars on a dress shirt, for instance. Xmas always puts me in a weird position. As a lapsed Methodist, I have absolutely no use for metaphysics; yet it's the secular facelift the holiday has received that I find most obnoxious. The surreal commercial frenzy, the pre-packaged empty sentiments (in today's mail: a computer-generated Xmas card from State Farm Insurance?.?), and the laxative, emasculated, PC music piped through store speakers all frequently leave me with the urge to maim. My own countermeasures have included: --shopping on eBay, Amazon, etc. instead of stores --a return to sane gift-giving (our extended family does a secret name-drawing thing in which each person gets ONE gift from ONE other person) --killing my television (OK, not for everyone, but life's been pretty good with the home theater, DVDs from Netflix, and not so much as a second of Faux News.) --recalling and reveling in the old European cultural expressions of Xmas. Before there were tasteless cookies sprinkled with neon-dyed sugar or Safeway pasteurized eggnog in the gallon carton, there were Lebkuchen and Glühwein and gebrannte Mandeln. Long before Sleighride and Jingle Bell Rock were conceived for our perpetual torment (and before nervous social arbiters focused on the religious specificity of lyrics over the universality of melody), there were people like Praetorius and Bach cranking out breathtakingly gorgeous music that is now almost criminally neglected. If you're sick to death of department-store muzak, buy this CD and turn it up to 11. If that fails to inspire you, please check for a pulse. Then help keep music like this alive by attending a concert or two (plug plug plug). OK, all done with the non-fashion-related rambling now.
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I am very happy that Hanukka was early this year.
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Don't get angry with Christmas.  Get even. Have you thought about taking up: shoplifting? dangerous driving? paying off debt? matinees? reading Henry Miller? asking a girl out in your nice clothes you already have?
Maybe I'll re-read Tropic of Cancer. Far less depressing than thinking about buying another cashmere freakin sweater.
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acole, that was funny. what's been annoying me since the festive season started are the loud, obnonxious hoons who shout out crude and vulgar things as they drive past.
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here Then rent "It's a Wonderful Life", oh grumpy one. I admit I've fought it with many of the same contentions all of you have expressed the last 2 years. But Christmas also causes people to treat one another for one month of the year like they should the other 11. IMO that's a great thing and it raises the energy of the planet (the Christian third of it anyway).
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Thanks Steve. {Although you have to delete the extra http:// in the link} I wanted to post the shpiel about the Grinch's heart being 2 sizes too small but couldn't remember the exact words to it. I love Christmas time. Yeah, the stores are a mad house. I try to avoid 'em. I always try to get something for people that they are really going to use or something really personal. That way its not just some wasted item but a real "gift" that they will enjoy and cherish for a long time. Christmas is a time for family for me, we've always had a big Christmas Eve celebration in the Polish style of my great-grandparents, who immigrated from there and who passed the traditions down to my grandparents and who passed them down to my parents and to me. Its not all about the bullshit, but about connecting with your fellow man. "Peace on earth and goodwill to man." Pity it only lasts a month out of the year. I second Steve's recommendation of "Its A Wonderful Life," and add "A Charlie Brown Christmas" to those who can appreciate a little tug at the old heart strings. "Love, Actually" to the couples, as well since its a good date movie.
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Has anyone else thought that Alexis is really the guy in the background of her avatar and his real name is Alex? stevo
What is he doing standing in the background then, what a fool.
There are no sales going on, so expect to pay ridiculous full prices for everything. The best items at retail have been completely picked over. Mobs of people crowd the stores and cause traffic congestion.
You know what is so good about Christmas, the after New Year sale at Harrod' that is something to look forward to on the 2nd.
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Thanks Steve. {Although you have to delete the extra http:// in the link}
Sorry about that- fixed. Second the rec on Love, Actually. Great Movie. Another tip on the malls is to go early or late because everyone has extended hours. And I'm seeing tons of sales.
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If you don't like christmas, you should read "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham. It's a funny book about the "social pressure" around christmas
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As bad as driving to the shopping centers and fighting the crowds are, what's really driving me nuts is the move to lengthen the Christmas music season--one of the radio stations woke me on Nov. 8 with "Santa Claus is Coming to town" and the announcement that they were playing non-stop Christmas music through the Holiday season. I mean, c'mon...I was just getting over Halloween. It must be stopped.
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As a matter of minor interest, my grandfather, Jack Okey, was the Art Director for "It's a Wonderful Life."
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JL: Cool...
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I second Steve's recommendation of "Its A Wonderful Life," and add "A Charlie Brown Christmas" to those who can appreciate a little tug at the old heart strings. "Love, Actually" to the couples, as well since its a good date movie.
My favorite Christmas movie is "Die Hard".
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My favorite Christmas movie is "Die Hard".
59 INT. SERVICE ELEVATOR - NIGHT 59 Hans, Takagi, Karl and Tony. Riding silently. Hans alone seems relaxed. He whistles. We recognize it as a snatch of Wagner. HANS Nice suit. John Philips...London? Takagi stares at him, speechless. HANS (smiles) I have two myself. (beat, as he exits I'm told Arafat shops there too...
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