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Christmas dinner party attire

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I have a christmas party coming up this friday for employees of the company I work for. They say the dress code is not formal, yet nicer than business casual: Slacks and nice dress shirt for men, with jacket and tie optional. This is a software company, so I'm assuming that most people will not be wearing a jacket/suit. I'm thinking about wearing a black tailored suit I have, mainly because I don't get the chance to wear it often enough. However, I was thinking I would just wear a nice collared shirt, top button undone and no tie, in order to not look too formal. Do you think this is a good idea? Also, If I choose to wear the suit, is there a certain time that it is appropriate to take the jacket off? For example, when I sit down for dinner, should I remove the jacket? I'm 22 years old fresh out of college, so this is all new to me. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I'd probably do suit/tie but that's just me. Black is fine for evening, you may want to wear a colorful shirt to get a little holiday spirit going (green or red maybe? ) I was just at a semiformal holiday party and wore black suit with white shirt and red tie... <shrug>
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Suit and no tie sound fine to me. Anything more would look too out of place I think. I work in the technical field and plan to wear the same thing for our Christmas party this weekend. I usually end up wearing my jacket on all night, but make sure to unbutton it if you're sitting down.
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spencermiles: The suit sans tie sounds like a good approach. Here's some more tips: In very traditional circles, a gentleman never takes off his jacket in public. Andy
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You'll need a nice Christmas red pocket square.
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Wear a red holiday vest with a white turtleneck underneath. A pair of khakis and loafers. Add a Santa hat for some holiday spirt.
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