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Besoke suits and extra trousers

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We all know that the trousers wear out before the coat. When ordering a bespoke suit, do you ordinarily order an additional pair of trousers, or do you take the view that once a pair of trousers has had its day the coat probably has also? I would appreciate your opinions.
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The reason for having a second pair of trousers made is that the seat part of trousers are often the first to wear out, from sitting down and moving around chairs, benches, couches, which wears the cloth thin. On the other hand, the reason for not having a second pair of trousers made is that over the course of time and with repeated drycleanings, the jacket and the color of the jacket will fade. So, wearing the second, new pair of trousers with the more faded jacket will not look uniform. That's why drycleaners advise to have the jacket and trouser parts of a suit cleaned together, so the colors fade uniformly.
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So, would it make sense to alternate the wearing of the trousers, drycleaning the 2 pairs of trousers and the jacket at the same time, to ensure longevity of threesome? Or does that get all too complicated?
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I think you pretty much answered your own question about your idea getting too complicated. A couple of ways of avoiding trousers wearing out prematurely is to make sure the cloth used for the trousers is good, sturdy, hard-finished cloth (not the tissue paper-thin Superfine stuff) and to build a wardrobe of at least 5 suits so you give each suit a "rest" in-between wearings. The more suits, the more rest for each suit. Consequently, I myself have never had trousers wear out and haven't had the need to spend extra money on second pairs of trousers.
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Since meeting my wife, I've adopted the practice of ordering two pairs of trousers with suits - her grandfather was a successful accountant, and he always insisted on having his tailor make two pairs of trousers with each suit because he thought that it made sound financial sense. I'd consider extra trousers if you're the sort of person who tends to take his coat off at every opportunity, as it will certainly extend your suit's life. Dry cleaning shouldn't be a problem if you get all pieces done at the same time, though I must say that steaming, spot cleaning and pressing is preferable. I should also add that the longevity of trousers depends not only upon the material, but also upon the cut: if the fork is high, then they can tend to wear along the top of the inside leg.
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I must interject here: 1. Buy two pairs of pants if possible - they are 1/4 the price of a jacket and do wear out in 1/2 the time. 2. Dry cleaning - NEVER and I mean by-God NEVER dryclean your good suits if they do not need it. Here is what kills a suit: Dry cleaning - one really bad job and it is rough to get it right ever again - when you dryclean, go to a very good one and make an agreement with the owner to ONLY dryclean your stuff after a solution change (clean solution) Invest $150 ONE TIME in a good clothes steamer - even after wearing a suit in a smoky bar a good steam or two, a little Fabreze and hanging loosely on a shower rod with the exhaust fan going will air out a suit in a couple days. When you take your good suits off use a clean cloth and distilled water on non oily spots (janie stick overnight and a good brushing on oil-based spots), a good brushing and a loose hanging by itself for a day. For longterm a breathable garment bag is smart. Drycleaning - especially on the silky supers will absolutely age a suit. Suits were around before dry cleaning - try what I am telling you and only dryclean infrequently - your good suits will last 4X as long. Suits wear out as follows: Pants pockets, crotch, seat, jacket inside pockets. So.. those pockets are not for your hands, stay out. DO NOT stuff a big wallet in your back pocket, get a longer and thinner one to keep in your inside breast pocket.... Drunk women with red wine and lit cigarettes are dangerous to suits. Wait til they put out the cigarette and switch to water THEN make your move.
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I don't know of any stores here that sell these mysterious "janie sticks." Hell, I never even heard about them until recently. Anyone know of any good online store that carries these?
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Thanks for the advice. And Carlos, thanks indeed for those tips which I will certainly follow.
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Reminds me of a scene from Guys and Dolls where Sky Masterson is describing the heroine's ideal husband: You have wished yourself a Scarsdale Gallahad, a breakfast eating Brooks Brothers type . . And you'll know him at a glance by the two pairs of pants. I have not yet worn out a pair of pants, except on one suit.  I rotate my suits pretty often, and worry more that I will get fat and grow out of them than I worry that they might wear out.
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