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Do you have a chart or something to reference the models with their last, and how the different lasts are shaped? It would be nice to have this information handy when looking at AEs. Thanks.
AE Last chart This is the Allen Edmond last chart from Allen Edmonds' website - it doesn't reference models, but to identify the last for a particular style, you just get the final digit of the 4-digit style number (you can get this by selecting the model from the product lists, and then it'll show up once you click on "select your size and shoe color"). Edit - link and punctuation slightly fixed....
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Ok I think i'm going to go with a dark brown or cordavan, i've been looking at them while checking back to this post.  Thanks for all the info so far.  As for styling i am only 20 and i really like captoes, or a plain oxford.  Don't think i'm gonna go with another wingtip unless i can find a good deal.  What type of plain oxford would you recommend i keep seeing ones with different toe boxes, i kind of like the pointer ones, that a smooth with maybe a little styling (is that the right word?)o f some sort.  Heres the ones i'm thinking about so far.  let me know your thoughts cause i respect your decisions on style and price/value I.E. am i over paying. 1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....21&rd=1 2. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....99&rd=1 3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....63&rd=1 4. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MEWA:IT (i'm not sure whats wrong with them i would ask first) 5. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....25&rd=1 6. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....10&rd=1 7. http://www.benniesshoes.com/grenson10.htm (number 1 or 3) 8. http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/product....=MSHRPT 9. http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/product....=MPSBRX Ok sorry there are so many, i'm bad at making choices so any thoughts/comments on these would be appreciated.  Also how do Grensons fit?  Do they run small?  I'm not sure what i would wear but they don't have anything in a 10.5 that i like and i really like the grensons the best.  Also what models are the two that i like? Also what are the widths at tyrwhitts on the AE's? thanks Nik
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I was actually thinking of suggesting items 2 and 4 -> I've bought one "imperfect" from allenedmonds before without problems. I think #1 (AE burgundy punched cap) is a little too much for used, #3 (AE burg wingtip) is ok, #5 is a little trendy for me and I think would be tricky for coordinating with your suits but fine for going out, #6 (mezlan) would be a better choice over #5, either of the shoes on #7 from bennies would be great, and #8 and #9 are decent choices as well. I'll definitely get one of the grensons on page #7 before I get #9 - especially since you said you were a narrow (either a or b) and I would guess that the tyrwhitt shoes are medium widths. Is there any way you can try some shoes on before you buy and report back - like perhaps hitting a Nordstroms during the after christmas sale and trying on shoes on the sale racks - or even the shoes on the racks at the outlet malls? I feel guilty too actually bother a salesman for trying on something I'm then gonna buy online, but not from the sales rack, because sometimes I buy then. If you were armed with a bunch of sizes and brands, we could probably eliminate a few sizes. If it were me, and I was starting out, I would go with the grenson's on #7. But they will basically take all of your budget. Perhaps one of the grensons, and another shoe at $50-70?
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Nik, I like very much the first ones you list and both Grensons. I may be stating the obvious, but most of the ones you list are extremely narrow widths.  I don't know what size shoe you are, but the shoes you listed range from "A" to "D" widths.  This makes a big difference.  I don't know if you were posting these as ones you are thinking of buying, or just as examples of different styles, but please make sure you are getting the right width for your foot.
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Unfortunetly i don't think i can try any on except maybe the AE, the store i'm buying these to do an internship sells them. From what i remember they only have a limited selection though. I don't know anyplace in western/central NY that sells Tywhitt or grensons gotta love living up here. I'm usually a B or a C in most shoes, I can fit into an A though, B's are perfect.
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Tyrwhitt isn't going to be in the same league as Grenson or even AE for that matter. I'd at least try the Grensons as Bennie's has a good return policy. Keep in mind these Grensons are $600 shoes retail. Otherwise I'd go Allen Edmonds at an outlet, a Nordstroms or on their ebay store. Don't fear the AE seconds.
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I heard somewhere (perhaps here or AskAndy) that Allen Edmonds sometimes marks shoes that are perfectly fine as seconds in order to sell them at a reduced price. I imagine that their contracts with department stores and such would prevent them from selling shoes on their website below the department store price, unless of course, they're "defective". My single "second" quality shoe that I bought from the ebayer allenedmonds seems perfectly fine. I agree with AlanC - if I had to rank my order of preference, it would be : 1) Grensons at $150, 2) AE's if you can find a pair that fits on ebay, 3) Tyrwhitt loakes at $107.50, and then the Mezlans.
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Ok so i decided to go with the grensons from bennies, number 3. I figured they are the best deal at $150 and i guess they are gonna be alittle more expensive next time around so hopefully they fit. Thanks for you help esspecially NoVAguy.
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