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Gary's Outlet

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I went there and they have a bunch of Talbott, Zegna, and Armani ties for 70% off, and a couple Etro ones, which I picked up (for about $30 apiece) Not much left in the way of shirts, suits, etc, either. Hopefully they will restock soon, I wouldn't waste the trip unless you really like Talbott ties (for about $25) They had a decent selection, but nothing to write home about.
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Thanks for the tip. I thought I might drop by there and pick up a Talbott tie for my stepson for Xmas. When I previously visited there, they told me they were getting a batch of new merchandise at the end of the year. I'd probably be most interested in stocking up on pocket squares.
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There are about 100 talbott ties of various types (best of class or regular) The Best of Class are about $30 and the cheaper ones are about $20. Hopefully they will be getting more stuff soon.
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Thanks for the update. I'm going to be in OC in 2 weeks, and thought I might try to get to Gary's.
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Where is Gary's? I'm in Santa Monica and get down there occasionally. Is there one here in LA? Thanks, stevo
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The main Gary's store is in Fashion Island. The outlet is on Main Street in Old Town Tustin. Go south on the 5 Freeway, get off on Newport (the street, NOT the 55 Freeway), go north (left) and turn left on Main. It's on the south side of the street. Hope this helps.
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If I'm in their store in the next couple weeks, I'll ask about what new stuff they may or may not have.
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Thanks. Will visit when i get back from Florida. steve
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