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I don't screw around with clothing, it is simply too hard. go for jewlery.
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Get her a blouse made by Piazza Sempione (best), Gucci or Loro Piana. Every Christmas, I find these on sale at Neimans and they always are well received. Usually around $175-225 on sale. A slinky cashmere or silk/cashmere blend sweater should go over well too. She's a size 6, so should have lots of slim and sexy options in clothes. One of the best gifts I've thought was -- some small jewelry in a small box (simple earrings or a necklace); then get a nice silk/cashmere scarf to wrap around the box, and tie the whole thing up with a green or red bow. (So the scarf is used instead of wrapping paper.) Two gifts, and it looks pretty impressive too -- and it's more romantic that just a shirt.
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shoreman, Demons be here. In my 10 years of a committed relationship, I've learned that trying to buy clothes for a female S.O. is a lost cause. I like Alexis's suggestion about a pearl pendant. I had done this for my girlfriend's 30th birthday to great effect. If you decide to go that route, I've gotten good service from American Pearl: www.americanpearl.com Failing that, depending on how you feel about disclosing amounts you've spent on your presents, American Express sells gift certificates that are accepted anywhere the American Express card is accepted, rather than just a specific store. They come in a nice gold envelope. I know it's a bit too much like giving money (which I don't like), but if she enjoys shopping for her own clothes, it could work. Regards, Tony
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Along the lined of the AmEx certificate, you could always take her shopping and pick up the tab. Might be a little more dangerous that way, but then you get the added benefit of spending the time spoiling her. The way I see it though, if after three years you can't pick out a handbag or sweater that she would like, you might want to be a little more observant. My .02, don't kill me for it... Tom
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The way I see it though, if after three years you can't pick out a handbag or sweater that she would like, you might want to be a little more observant.
As a relatively observant husband this isn't necessarily true. This year is ten years married and trying to buy for my lovely wife is always a dangerous task. Just keep the receipt. I might recommend trying Tiffany. There are some very nice gift options on their website.
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Alexis' suggestion for jewelry is a slippery slope, my friend. Where are you going to go from there? Valentine's Day, birthday, your anniversary are all mandatory gift-giving days. If you don't get her something better -- and jewelry is very easy to put on a grade, this better than that, this more expensive / finely executed / more lavish -- then what signal are you sending? That your affections for her are declining as well? That you're just not that into her anymore? That you're taking her for granted and don't need to buy her jewelry? I strongly urge you to stay away from all forms of jewelry until you go shopping for the diamond solitaire ring. Sorry if this sounds mysoginistic, I truly don't mean to imply anything about women in general or your girlfriend in specific. I'm just saying that there are certain messages encoded in our culture's gift-giving customs and jewelry is very tricky. Proceed with caution. (okay, Alexis ... and other women out there ... flame away ... :-)
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shoreman, I wouldn't buy her anything that's for sale at Nordstrom if she works there... if she can get it for half of what you paid for it, it's probably not a good idea. I don't know what her taste is, but for going out purposes, LV makes a fairly simple black handbag in Epi leather that is fairly unique that's just over $200.
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Again, thanks for the comments. I'm not taking this to a vote, just updating. Your comments have been excellent, good work out of the SF on my tux/suit question and this one. I like the cashmere sweater idea. Jewelry I do like, but she works in jewelry, and $200 ain't gonna buy much special. Handbag would be good, cuz then I could put other stuff (watch, etc.) in said bag. In the interest of full diclosure, I "owe" her a good gift (though she'd never say that, or consciously believe it) because she got me an iPod for my birthday, which was completely unexpected. Plus, love and all that. Some potentials: Handbag Cable hoodie Cashmere crew Silk/Cashmere turtleneck Cashmere cowl neck Prices/brands are not parallel, but that's alright... only the bag approaches $200... Is there a way to post images NEXT to each other? That one's for me...
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I dig the cable knit, even if I'm not a fan of hoods. Next question, what would you most like to see her in?
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Is that her style of handbag? I kinda reiterate that it doesn't make sense to buy brands that are available at Nordstrom's...
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Handbag her style?: Depends. I know she lusts after it, even though she wouldn't use it often. Much as I would really like a badass $2000 suit to wear to my no-suit-required job. What' I'd like to see her in: the cowlneck sweater. Now enters another factor: can SHE wear it to work, since she works all the damn time. Plus side of online shopping is that many of these sites have incredibly hot models. I'm excused for that line by spending this much of my (and the SF's.) time shopping for her.
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I don't know about that cowl neck. First off, she probably can't wear it to work, second off, it's not flattering. And it's on a model. It obscures the natural curve of the body. It looks like she has a tarp draped over her chest. I like the cable knit and the cashmere/silk turtleneck (the latter will be the most form flattering) and both look like they are work acceptable. Good Luck, Dan
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You can't go wrong with picking something up at Tiffany. They are way overpriced for the quality you get, but for some reason women don't seem to care. Pisses me off to no end, but what would you prefer: a) Taking a risk on a higher quality item that may actually disappoint her because she doesn't understand value the way you do; or b) Just dropping a few more dollars at Tiffany's where you'll know she'll be happpy just getting a stupid blue box she can tell her friends about? Montecristo PS I like the idea of the "pearl necklace". But I'd go with a platinum chain, not gold. Of the sweater options above, I like the blue cable knit hoodie.
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I'd avoid the cowl neck. I agree with Dan that the cashmere/silk sweater will be the most flattering. If there's money left in your budget, you can pick out some earrings to wear with it. Good luck.
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From my observations of, erm, certain of my older relatives, I can reliably caution you that a gift of snow tires is RIGHT OUT (despite the consideration it may show for her health and well-being).
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