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Xmas shopping for a lady friend

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Fellas... I've got about $200 budgeted for xmas presents for my girlfriend of 3 yrs. that is as yet unspent (already got her a watch she wanted). She says she wants clothes. She respects my taste, but she probably shouldn't. Any ideas for items/stores/etc. that would be good bets? I'm sure the styleforum is a repository of solid gift ideas for the ladies... (J. or Steve B., feel free to move this out of men's clothing if you'd like to.) Oh, mention anything that comes to mind, but if it helps in this case, I'm 24, she's 21, she lives in the suburbs but goes out in cities, works at Nordstrom, and is a size 6. Don't go out looking for her now.  
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shopping for women (without them being physically present, that is) can be a tough proposition, given that the manufacturers of women's clothing have no real concept of standarization of sizes. One designer's 4 fits perfectly, whilst another's 6 is perfect. My suggestion is to stick to some basic staples that will last -- you do want to be remembered, right? So a fine quality black cashmere sweater, a quality hand bag, a ivory silk shell (blouse), or the like. If you hunt around at discounters you can find some good deals that won't break the bank. Think classic, lasting, wear-it-with-anything gifts, stuff she'll keep around -- and hopefully you, too. good luck.
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How about a pair of shoes? grapevinehillstarts all auctions at $0.01. I would check out their RLPL womens shoes, as alligator and lizard shoes that retial for $1000+ consistently go for under $100. The only problem is that most of their Laurens have 3 inch heels, which is too much for some women (but probably not for someone in their 20s) Silver also makes a really good gift. Every once and a while, Ebay has some nice Christofle items that are very underpriced. Also, perhaps try something vintage, if you are into anything like that. If she likes an old movie, you can get a vintage movie poster or lobby card on Ebay. These show a lot of thought because you have found something that is special. Perhaps if she like a particular old jazz song, you can get the original sheet music to that song - something like that. Such as this Astaire
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From today's NYT-- Shearling Shows a Sleeker Face, and Retailers Smile Shearling, however, has undergone a makeover. "Shearling today is very close to the body. Terry Thornton, vice president and district merchandise manager at Neiman Marcus, based in Dallas, called shearling's sleeker style "an evolution in fashion," pointing to this season's "little, short, cropped shearling jacket" as the most fashionable piece. The new, trimmer silhouette of many shearling garments does not diminish the material's toastiness. Mary J. Blige and Kim Cattrall are shearling fans, she said. Consumers have a wide range of choices in shearling and faux-shearling products, said Tricia Kenney, fashion director of the trade publication Outerwear. For shearling aficionados, however, the pleasure is worth the risk.
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Personally I'd pick up a handbag and call it a day, but basics like cashmere sweaters may not be bad as well since they seem to be fairly low priced this year... do you know any designers she likes?
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A fitted sweater or fishermen's sweater (really popular this year) in cashmere is a no lose situation, and there are lots of options in your price range. Alice and Olivia is a good choice (popular but not *too* trendy, and found at all the "right" stores, Barneys Co-op, etc...). If she is a hipster chic, you might want to go with APC or Built by Wendy. Note: this is one situation, unless your girlfriend is an avid bargain hunter, and even then it is dicey, where discount is never good. Suck up full price.
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I think if you go with handbags, discounters are OK, depending on the context. Also, Express makes some pretty nice basics for women including some great cashmere sweaters.
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IMO, don't buy shoes or a bag. Tastes are too individual for you to get it right. I vote for LAguy's suggestion - can't really go wrong with cashmere. I also agree, pay full price for gifts to SO's. You sure you want to get her clothes? She already works at Nordstroms...what could she possibly want that she doesn't already have?
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Hmm, I dunno, most girls I know that want handbags drop hints about which ones they might like, just my experience though.
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Hmm, I dunno, most girls I know that want handbags drop hints about which ones they might like, just my experience though.
I can agree with that. I think every girl i know who wants a hand bag makes it know very clearly. As for gifts, cashmere scarves and hats work as well as sweaters. Maybe a cord or velvet blazer. I would stay away from shoes or pants, especially pants. Ever girl i know has the hardest and pickest taste about the pants they buy. As for shoes its the same way. For me i got my girlfriend some perfume, some stuff from khiels, a cashmere scarf and hat, and a cord blazer. THinking about getting her a sweater and camy but i don't know if she really deserves it or not.
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Why limit yourself to clothes. Seems to me you live in New York...why not a totally hedonistic day at one of those spas?
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Why limit yourself to clothes. Seems to me you live in New York...why not a totally hedonistic day at one of those spas?
You Canadiens are all alike... Baltimore is NOT new york "shoreman1782 Group: Members Location: DC/Baltimore Suburbs Posts: 255 Joined: July 2004"
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Thanks for the solid suggestions, comments. She works at Nordstrom; this means she sees A LOT of stuff that she'd like but cannot afford - this is most of what's on her "wish" list. One concern is that I'd rather not get her something she sees all the time, at work, though I guess she wants what she wants. She likes Anthropologie stuff (she also likes Built by Wendy stuff), so that's something I'm checking out. I'm not tied to clothes, but she likes them (me too, right), so that's been my focus. There are a lot of nifty spas in this area, as well, though NYC it's not. This lucky girl's birthday happens to be in January, so that's what I've got lined up there. Tell you what, she ain't gettin jack for Valentine's Day.   Thanks again for the ideas...
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A single pearl pendant suspended by an 18-inch gold chain will not put you over $200 and will be received graciously.  That and a luscious screw.
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Addition: I'm waffling. I know she likes a particular handbag. It's like $250 at Nordstrom. A seemingly reputable ebay seller has it for BIN $170, NWT/packaging or whatever. A good idea, or cheap-looking (me, not bag) and risky? (personally, I think handbags are dumb, so this is a stretch)
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