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matador: Thanks for the nice words. I didn't want to show the suit auction earlier in case it would drum up some rival bids (I'm just paranoid like that ), but I think it should turn out nicely for the money. It actually does have the ticket pocket I wanted, which was a make-or-break factor, and I figure a tailor can take in the waist and possibly chest to improve the cut. Your advice did not go unheeded though, I definitely plan a look into custom/mtm once I am confident enough in my time/money/experience to do so. naturlaut: I remember one of your first posts was about a great Turnbull tux in my size on Ebay that you were selling (causing me to second guess myself for buying one just a few weeks ago). Since you are my size, give me a heads-up next time you have a nice suit you need to "dump." Perhaps we could work something out. Just a note for the curious btw; if I were able to go all out, I think I'd have to get some combination of the Etro I just bought and this Jil Sander number. I love the purple pinstripes and peaked lapels, but the center vent (what's up so many designer suits having center vents anyway?) and cut took it out of the picture last time I saw it up. But man, imagine that with a sleek Dior-style cut, a ticket pocket, double vents, and working buttons. Oh well, just a note for the future.
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aybojs- though i've never seen the final results myself, i'm told that vents can be removed from suits, though they cannot be added, as this would require more material. i dislike center vents, and prefer double vents, but non-vented suits are acceptable to me, if i like everything else. so if you spot a great suit for a great price with a center vent, you might consider buying it, then taking it to a tailor to have the vent removed.
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Yep - you can close a center vent. I've had it done lots of times and as long as the tailor knows what he/she is doing you won't be able to tell that it was ever vented when it is done. Same goes for double vents.
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