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Car care for winter

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I'm totally clueless about car care in general and as winter here is pretty harsh, I'd like to put maximum protection to the body of the car. What range of products could you recommend to protect the car from salt and snows?
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One of the most important things for your car in the winter is to keep it clean.  Have it waxed and detailed now. Find a detailer that has a lot of Porsches, BMW's, etc. waiting to be cleaned, then go to him. It should be about $150 for a complete interior and exterior detail and wax, but it's well worth it. And, I know this sounds like a pain, but wash it every week or so. You save money in the long run because frequent washing prevents dirt and salt from building up on the body, suspension, etc. and prematurely wearing everything out.  For the mechanical side of things get your oil changed, have the engine tuned, and check all the fluid levels (transmission, brakes, etc.). Hope this helps. Aaron
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Well I typed a good response but my computer keeps crashing. Here's a summary: 3m polish, glaze, and wax - this stuff is amazingly strong protection for your paint window polish (glass magic) on windshield new wiper blades at least rinse off your car from time to time, if not an actual wash, to keep salt and grit at bay. be sure to get up under the fenders. clean, oil and/or grease your locks, hinges, etc. Moving parts get stubborn during cold. use Gummipflege (buy it at BMW dealer) on all your weatherstrip around doors, every couple of years or so. It will keep them supple and avoid sticking and cracking and wind and water getting in, etc.
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Cars these days are pretty indestructable. The engine will die before your bodywork is affected by winter after winter. As others have indicated, just keep it clean and things will be just fine. Forza, Zjpj
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Some other opinions... Make sure you have sufficient concentration of antifreeze in your coolant. Regarding the body, I would not worry about washing it too often if you have a good coat of wax underneath. If you wash it with a brush between waxing you'll scrub all the was off. If it's snowing, make sure your tires are clean from tar. Use a solvent and a brush to wash them. It can work wonders. B
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For clarification, you can also specifically request an 'under carriage' wash at the car wash. It is not normally included in the basic wash and does a pretty good job of removing salt build up. Oh, and don't forget to check your horn fluid. stevo
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I'd also recommend checking the battery--if it's more than 3 years old, replace it now.
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