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Originally Posted by kev777 View Post
You can def have an opinion on a last whether or not that particular last suits your feet is completely another matter

Personally, I think most people choose shoes that suit their dominantpersonality and from there, whether you have multipersonalities (i.e 'work' vs 'leisure)

Some of us adhere strictly to the mode of our heritage/culture whether at work or not. Others revel in the theraputic 'release' from work/expectations/conventions and deliberately seek contrasting and diverse lasts, leathers and colours.
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Totally get that Graham, i was more commenting on the fact that although a last may look fantastic (especially a particular shoe style on that last ie the C&J Harding) that last may be totally unsuitable for your shape of foot. That does not, however, stop you from holding an opinion on that last.

My forbidden fruit is the Vass U last which i think is a wonderful last yet i just cant get away with how it fits on my foot My feet are just too wide to accomodate it.
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Any more views on the fit of the 360 last? I'm a 6.5E on the 337 wondering if i'm the same on the 360 ? Any clues ??
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I'm a 6.5E on the 348 wondering if i'm the same on the 360?
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I recently purchased the Malton on the 360 last in an 8.5 E in London and it fits perfectly.  It appears that in the US the 360 is unavailable but the 348 seems to be obtainable.   Can anyone with experience in both lasts comment on if the fits are similar?  Thanks

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360 available in NYC at C&J and Barneys
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