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Lengthening/shortening jacket sleeves

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I have a naive question on the right way to address the situation of one arm (or hand) being somewhat longer than the other. In my case it seems my right arm/hand is a bit longer than the left, which results in about 3/4 inch of the right cuff showing v. about 1/4 inch of the left cuff showing when I'm wearing a jacket. What is the proper way to alter this? Should I ask the tailor to lengthen the right jacket sleeve or shorten the left jacket sleeve?
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Well, depending on your height, ideally you would lengthen the right and shorten the left, so that you end up with 1/2" on each side.
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Many (not on this Forum of course) tend to show less shirt cuff. If that's your preference, lengthen the right sleeve so that you show equal amounts of shirt cuff.
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I agree with Manton. Two sleeves should cost $30, one should cost about $15 - $20. If you can bear the additional cost, best to have 1/2" showing on each. If you really just want to do one, I'd say go with 3/4" showing.
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How much shirt cuff you should show depends a little on a person's height. 3/4" is a lot of "linen." On anyone under 6'4", it will make you look like your jacket is too small. Actually, I think 5/8" is better for someone 6'4"; 3/4" is more for someone 6'6".
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For the moment, let us leave the shirt out of the equation (after all that depends on another variable, namely the shirtsleeves). Take the measure from the tip of your thumb: about 4 ¾" to 5" (for someone with small hands) is about the correct length of a jacket sleeve. This will cover the wrist bone and the sleeve will end up on the natural division (the hinge) between arm and hand. But maybe you like your sleeves shorter or longer. Use a felt pen to draw a line on your hand, indicating the ideal length of your sleeves. Take the measurement down to the tip of your thumb. Henceforth you'll know for future reference that you like your sleeves to end x inches away from the tip of your thumb.
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Gentlemen, excellent advice yet again. I wish I had learned the finer points of proper fit a long time ago.
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