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Dior Homme Suits

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Im going to be buying my first suit this summer and since im Slim and have a European build I think I am going to go with Dior Homme since there other clothes fit me well. I want to know a) How is the Quality? b) Do they have more then the grey with penstripe suits? c) Im looking for something that I could wear for nice events and just out around town or to school. d) Do ou think I could find there suits at Barneys in boston or should I go to the Dior Homme store in New York? Thanks for the help.
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I'm not sure if the cut for these are the same since the era of Van Asche. But the quality (imo) is top notch for designer suits.
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Is there more then one style of dior homme suits?
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Take a look at Ralph Lauren Black Label suits too. They've got slim (but not excessively) lapels and slim pants. Overall, to me, it's like a less severe and more versatile Dior look.
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The Dior suits I've seen have excessively slim lapels that look very trendy. Black Label is much more wearable on a daily basis.
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In the smaller sizes, the lapels are not that thin, even on those from a few years ago the lapels generally reach the half way point to the shoulder seam and the suits only seem to get less extreme each year. They are down right conservative compared to something like the brooks brothers 1818 fitzgerald suits, I'd say more like the madisson but narrower shoulders. The KVA suits are cut a little larger than previously. Even thought I haven't bought one yet, or tried a KVA suit in person, I noticed a couple on ebay and they were the first suits to appear to have perfect measurements for my shape, in every respect. If you are thin, they may be a good OTR suit for you.
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I have two DH suits (Hedi) and the quality and fit are both excellent. Lapels are indeed narrower than RLBL, but not excessively so (a la Thom Browne). They easily get the most wear of all my suits and the fabrics have held up surprisingly well.
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anyone know who makes the DH suits? Can we get a pic of the label?
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Im wondering if any one has pics of the Dior homme suits. The only one I can find is the one on eluxury.
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I'd like to chime in and say that I love the style too. I am considering having something similar tailor made in Hong Kong. I must head into London and try some on to see how they look on me.
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Originally Posted by Jokerman View Post
Im wondering if any one has pics of the Dior homme suits. The only one I can find is the one on eluxury.

They don't look so good on the mannequins, but there are some here:
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RLBL and Dior Homme have completely different silhouettes and fits.
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The cut on those Dior suits don't seem too flattering based on the pictures. Getting the whole Lurch vibe. They didn't have my size the last time I was at a Dior store. The fabric feels nice, though seems heavily fused.
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I see to remember fondling a Dior Homme suit about two years ago that was fully-canvassed. The ones in the pics look fairly unattractive. Also, I don't find the DH suits to be slim at all, but that is probably because the shoulders are very narrow compared to the waist. I think I would have to wear a 54 (I am usually a US 40) in Dior Homme in order to squeeze my shoulders in.
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