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Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe View Post
I remember it competed in Rally's, but I wasn't aware it wasn't competitive. I guess I was comparing into such cars as the Eclipse (which the earlier generation AWD's were quite quick), Preludes, etc.

It was competitive, but the drivers complained about the seating position. The road going version was a lot heavier and had less power, so wasn't competitive next to the road going WRX and EVO, making it less useful as a club car and low budget racers.

The Turbo AWD Eclipse (Eclipse GSX) only gets 160kw, so yes it would be closer to the GT-Four assuming it's weight is around 1200-1400kg.
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Originally Posted by Andre Yew View Post
Given the provenance of the M3's V8, I doubt this. --Andre
I'd say you're right. The M3 V8 was based on the M3 V10, and judging by it's design I wouldn't think it shared much in common with the UZ in any way. Mm yummy:
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Originally Posted by linux_pro View Post
However, the UZ-FE is an engine that is universally regarded for its light weight, miserly fuel consumption, high performance, and mechanical durability. I would be interested to see a comparison of the RR Phantom's engine (a BMW 6.7L V12) and the Lexus V8 UZ-FE.

If I had to guess which engine will offer better reliability over the long-haul: a BMW V12 or a Lexus V8, I would go with the Lexus V8. The reasons should be fairly obvious.

I don`t think it`s so interesting to see a comparison between the BMW 6.7L v12 and the Toyota V8. They are completely 2 different engine classes to be put in 2 COMPLETELY different chassis. They are both well made engines for their respective classes.

I agree with some of the points you made on the Bentley, etc., but I really don`t follow the reliability point. If reliability is THE FACTOR in determining best build, then there are very cheap engines that will run forever you look.

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Who buys a RR or Bentley with reliability in mind? In late 2007, Top Gear reviewed the RR Phantom Drop Head (if I remember correctly, James May drove it). To paraphrase, he said it was sweetest car on the planet.

Lexus and MB make very nice cars. But, to compare RR and Bentley to Lexus or MB is feeble. It's a whole different league of car.


To start out, the chassis of the RR is completely different. Cheap cars like the Lexus are like the world`s best machine made, fused jacket. They start with a well made (but cheap) steel unibody and stack on everything from there (engine, body, etc....sometimes they attach sub-frames made in more expensive materials) Everything like your cheap Hyundai is built like this, but there is probably a huge difference between the Hyundai and Lexus too.

The RR is like a handmade, canvased jacket with a very expensive aluminum space frame. To be in this category, you would probably need to start out with an aluminum space frame or similar (carbon monocoque, etc.). There are a lot of super high end sports cars that use expensive chassis construction, but in the luxury sedan market , there are only a few.
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