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4" longer. That would go all the way to the bottom of his bottom, and is not what he wants. FWIW, I'm 5'10" and think that a shirt length of 29.5 to 30" is the best length to wear untucked. Your shirt is so short it looks like a t-shirt length. As a rule of thumb, your hips should probably be about 1" less than your chest, though it you wear the shirt short and untucked probably 2" less.
I didnt even notice that it was supposed to be an "untucked" shirt. Oops. It's still too short, however. It should at least go below the front pockets on your jeans, and the hip measurement DEFINITELY needs to increase by at least 2 inches, otherwise it's going to sit on your belt like that and the fabric is going to keep pulling. I had that issue with my first Jantzen shirt, and then after increasing the hip 1", still had the same issue.