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dress boot suggestions...

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I've been looking around for a pair of dress boots and haven't seen anything I like. I want a pair similar looking to one that any of the beatles band members would wear. I saw some one at the nordstrom rack but I don't feel like shelling out $425 for a pair of boots. My size yields barely any selection on e-bay (sz 8). Anyone know where I should be looking?
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Donald J Pliner Ring $278.00 at www.zappos.com
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Why is everyone a size 8? Get away from my shoes
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I would go with the Tyrwhitt boots (made by Loake) if you can still get that 50% off.
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I would go with the Tyrwhitt boots (made by Loake) if you can still get that 50% off.
How are the Tyrwhitt loake's working out?  (If I remember correctly, you bought 2 of them). The link for 50% off should still work, as it was working last night.
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where is the 50% off on loake boots, please?
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Also, Sierra Trading Post has a number of dress boots - such as the Allen Edmonds York available. The price is currently $199.00 and there might be a free shipping link/code through the AskAndy site. If it were me, I would get the loake's from Tyrwhitt at half off (that would make them $100 or $110) rather than the AE York for $200, but I got my York's on ebay, over a year ago, for about $110 to $120.
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Charles Tyrwhitt 50% off site And the 50% off is not just shoes - it's the entire stock, except for clearance items, which are actually a bad deal at that price since they don't include the 50% discount.  Just go to shoes and click on black or brown - drizzt3117 got these shoes and is fairly confident that they're loakes.  I'm still debating buying shirts/shoes from them.  As it is, I'm suffering from a lack of closet space (and I have a decent sized walk-in closet) so I haven't jumped in yet.
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I really like the Tyrwhitt boots, they are sleek and nicely styled, and seem to be well made. I wear them quite often, along with my new Prada boots.
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I really like the Tyrwhitt boots, they are sleek and nicely styled, and seem to be well made.
How is the fit? I have a slightly wide foot and high arch. Aaron
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I have wide feet as well, and they seem to fit well, can't comment on the arch as my feet are pretty typcial in that respect, but I imagine they will be OK. They have a good return policy so you can always send it back if necessary, but I think you may be happy with them. Make sure to go at least a half size down from what you wear in US though, I got a 10 and usually wear 10.5-11 and it fits great.
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Thanks drizz.
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somewhat OT/ waxing nostalgic--I had an "actual" pair of Beatle boots purchased at some hippy/hipster clothing shop in the village back in like '76 or so (post Beatles, I understand). Trash & Vaudeville, that was the name of the place, I remember big pink shopping bags & a kind of early punk rock thing going on--I'd be shocked if its still there. At any rate the boots, which I finally discarded several years or so ago, were black suede with a very thin sole, pointy toe, elastic side gores and serious heels, maybe 2.5-3", that had an inward slope at the back edge as they went down to the ground. They were, in a word, classic Beatle boots. Made popular by the Beatles & other British Invasion bands of the 60's, later adopted by the punk rock set which is right about the time I picked up my pair. Made in England as I recall, just can't put a name to 'em. Any other aging punk rockers out there in Style Forum land, or I am the only one hanging out in C&J Handgrades listening to early Clash, Dead Boys, Stooges, Ramones, Husker Du, Jam, Dictators, Stiff Little Fingers, Bad Brains, Real Kids, etc?
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I don't like the little loop thing ton the Tyrwhitt boots. The first one posted looks nice though. Anything else more affordable?
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AJL: I'm a fan of all the groups you listed, but in 1976, I must admit, I don't think my parents had even met yet. If you haven't already, check out the Music thread in the Entertainment forum, there's a lot of informed music fans round here. To keep this on topic, how bout these, from Shipton and Heneage? Somebody reputable makes them...
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