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Widening the shoulders on a suit

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Someone asked me the other day whether it is possible to take the shoulders out on a suit. I said this might be possible but it seems like it would take more than letting out the center seam. Any comments would be appreciated.
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I would love to hear Len's response to this. Based on what I know, I would say that this is impossible. The key measurements are the backneck, and the length of the shoulder seam. You can let out the backseam all you want (provided there is cloth in there) but that will not change these other two measurements. It will just make the back of the coat more roomy. The fundamental problems: There is no excess cloth at end of the shoulder, at the sleevehead; you can't move the armhole; you'd have to take the coat apart and put in a whole new pad and superstructure. Even if it could be done, this is a classic no-go alteration. Find a better fitting suit.
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That was my response. My sense was that maybe you could remove the collar and then hope there is excess cloth where the "yoke" met the collar (I know there is not actual "yoke" on the jacket). That might change the angle of the shoulder seem, essentially widening it. But this sounds like impossible at worst, VERY expensive and dangerous at best. How do tailors narrow shoulders? Is that a center seam operation or do they do this at the sleeve head?
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The better way is to do it at the sleevehead.  It's harder, but preserves the balance and symetry of the coat.  Basicially, yanking on the backseam a lot just pulls the shoulders backward and pulls the coat front open.
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In the past I have taken shoulder pads out which can give you a little room.
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you can make the shoulder wider on most bespoke jackets, as most tailor will leave inlay regards Darren
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