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They certainly do it well. I don't care about hand-rolled edges, but I do appreciate the skill required.
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More for those interested; spoilered to minimize slight derail:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Something about the way these edges are rolled seems to lend itself to creating a very tubular shape to the unlined 7 fold. It's like the stiffness it provides combined with the repp twill used and the construction type make it easy to press into a shape where blades of the tie are very 3-dimensional. I may be wrong about the rolling contributing to this effect, but I like the result either way. I've not had any other ties quite like these two.

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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

Maybe I can't tell the difference, but the edges of my Drake squares seem hand-rolled. So does my one Rubinacci.

Are your Drake's squares UK-made? These have hand-rolled edges. Italian-made Drakes are indistiguishable (rolling-wise) from a Roda square I have. Same machine? ...Or even same factory?

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Originally Posted by lordsuperb View Post

Why are hand rolled edges on a pocket square important?

Because they look beautiful. They also show that the maker decided to see the trouble of manufacturing the square in a slower way, just to get a nice roll. Mind you, that Borrelli edge is terrible and does them no justice, all flat with coarse stitches. Just compare it to that Hober edge and you'll see how quality separates one company from the others. I had no idea Hober offered such a strong, tight roll with such tiny stitches. It has likely taken much more time to manufacture, but the effort shows. This is fine work!
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Not a lot of action in here lately. We just recieved some very nice scarves from Rubinacci. X-post

Some new Rubinacci scarves are now available - I think we are the only ones that carries these online - six different motifs:

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