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You'll get a pat on the back from me, NOBD.
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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

If I recall, his dinner jacket was in a very lux blacker than black velvet - it was pretty cool but definately "CBT"...

Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

It was to celebrate LH's 5 years in London. Ferry was a really nice guy.

Was foo.gif there, too? confused.gif
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I've seen the Rubi versions, and they're essentially the same as Belgian Shoes in NY which retail for $350 or so. If you're in NY, head to the store to get fitted properly
 - the sizing on these is pretty tricky.

that's surprising, imo.
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I am a big fan of Ferry's look. He always seems really comfortable in his suits (though maybe not so much in this picture).

he looks extremly comfortable...
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

It doesn't matter who Rubinacci is. It matters who Bryan Ferry is. Let's keep things in perspective.

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When will the webshop open again?

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Originally Posted by Hampton View Post

When will the webshop open again?

Once August ends in Naples - otherwise you might want to give them a call - you are in the very same time zone smile.gif
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Originally Posted by P-K-L View Post

Once August ends in Naples - otherwise you might want to give them a call - you are in the very same time zone smile.gif

Yeah, but i'm in Milano next week so are going to visit the store anyway. But I wanted to see little for fun on there webshop what they had :)

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The guestes I work for stay at a hotel in Via Alessandro Manzoni, I actually guided them to a restaurant in Via Bagutta by foot just a few houres ago and now that I check this thread I learn Rubinacci is on Via Monte Napoleone and I didn't see it?
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

don't know if this has been posted previously. Mr Ferry and Mr Rubinacci. The funny pocket square* and lack of studs/vest/cummerbund might mean "creative black tie" ? ;-)
* I think I remember him wearing same colorful square with a morning suit in another photo. Maybe its' a Naples thing.

Any idea of the trousers worn by each in this photo? Standard dinner suit trousers?
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nay, can you clean up this thread?
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yes, let's keep on message people. You guys can start a seperate Roxy Music thread if you want to.
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I returned to Via Monte Napoleone on sunday morning and as I remembered the adress to be #12 mistakenly, even asked several of the guys in suits standing at the front doors of other shops where I could find "Rubinacci".
Non of them knew or was willing to tell me, but after a bit of time I finally was able to spot the golden letters that indicated where the studio was.
It was sunday and 9 o'clock in the morning so the wooden gate that allows entrance to the inside of the building was closed and there was literally nothing to look at, as Mariano seems not to be interested to present his work to the people passing by on VMN.
I checked the door bell panel and as there was a bell that was publicly signed Rubinacci it seems the studio is not invitation only.
Yet I did not dare to ring it, because just as the others, I know of Rubinacci only from this very forum and do not yet know how to approach a studio like it.
Also I was dressed in branded clothing of the company I worked for and would have only been interested in having a look at and feel of all of the fabrics and tailored pieces that I expected to be shown in the studio but did not intend to steal time from people as busy as I expect both the two gentlemen Rubinacci and their employees to be.

So, tell me, is the wooden gate of the building opened on workdays so that somebody like myself could step into the inner courtyard and have a look into the windows of the studio over there?
How did you approach Rubinacci for the first time and was it with the certainty of putting an bespoke order down in case you where accepted, or can one build a relationship with the Rubinaccis and their staff even if one is not yet old and substantial enough to buy anything but accessoiries from them?
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They are very friendly people and there is no need to feel intimidated. You just need to work with the reality that it isn't the Gap--meaning, the stores are not intended to take in tons of traffic and they cannot survive by lavishly catering to every single person who comes by to browse around. They just don't have the resources for that.

So, if it were me, I would not make an appointment with Mariano or Luca just to shoot the breeze, without any intention of ordering anything. However, I would feel free to peruse the shop and chat with them if they happen to be around. Just don't be surprised if you aren't carefully attended to. It won't be because of the way you're dressed or how you look, but because they are a client-oriented business and they are very leanly staffed.

That said, both Mariano and Luca are very talkative and friendly. If they aren't too busy, you may not be able to end the conversation.
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Thanks for the insight foo!

So maybe next year or if I will make it to any of the studios earlier than that I'll just have a look.
Of course I do not expect to be entertained or cared for for hours, I just want to learn more about the craft in person, all by talking to people like the Rubinaccis but also from just having a look and feel of their products.
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