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Looks perfect from every angle except the back, which I'm sure they will fix.
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Wolv, as Manton said, looks nice. The back issue may be how you're standing as well. Anyway, you describe perhaps the most undervalued aspect of going the bespoke route, those small personal touches are worth their weight in gold. Thanks for sharing!
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I totally agree about the back - that and the fact that the trouser waist was 2 inches too big were the two factors Mariano was most concerned with correcting - along with the front right quarter being off from the left - who knew my shoulders were not perfectly symmetrical? ;)


You are absolutely spot on re. the experience - I felt like Mariano was more of a friend than my tailor, and I hope that will be the case for many years to come. . .

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I agree, Mariano Rubinacci is one of the last neapolitan Lords.

P.S.: which days in Positano? I was there at "Covo dei Saraceni"
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I was in Positano from the 21 to 25th of August - at the Hotel San Pietro.  Already booked for next year - too idyllic to pass up again.  


Confirmed for second fitting on Friday, 9 September - sooner than anticipated!

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^^^ yes, looks like mariano is goosing w/ his left (err, right)....are you guys wearing the same shoes? confused.gif
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Originally Posted by wolveringGPW View Post

I was in Positano from the 21 to 25th of August - at the Hotel San Pietro.  Already booked for next year - too idyllic to pass up again.  


Confirmed for second fitting on Friday, 9 September - sooner than anticipated!

August 18 to 22nd
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@romafan - yes, same shoes...  I picked them up on my first visit along with a pair in chocolate brown and camel brown.  They have a natural red rubber sole which proved quite perfect for the weather in Italy in August - jumping on/off a boat in Capri, running around town, etc.  

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I just saw Foo's herringbone coating (still untouched in a cuttinh room), gooood stuff.

I also investigated on the rtw quality-pricing thing and it all makes sense (who would have thought!).
The jackets sold via the net are so so, while some others (none ofthem available via the online store as I overview the current situation), incl. new models are equal to the bespoke stuff or almost similar in construction.
First I was somewhat confused by the (lowish) online pricing of the jackets as the store in Milan only had the high end rtw collection which were made incredibly nicely and I asssumed they would be made all the same.
I find that a bit dangerous marketing wise, first time bespoke clients who glance at the rtw items may feel a little insecure, even when the bespoke is a completely dofferent story.
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Rubinacci Second Fitting


I'm in Naples for the weekend to have my second fitting with Mr. Rubinacci.  The suit is coming along nicely, I skipped taking any pics (no beautiful women - i.e. photographers).  The quarters needed some slight adjustment.  I was told that although I have a good build (thank you running 30km+ per week) that my athletic build is difficult to fit.  I am however quite pleased with the progress and expect the suit, shirts and trousers to be completed the first week of October.  I'll be sure to post more pics when this order is complete.


...and the Next Order:


  • Navy house-hopsack suit, patch pockets, 3R2, burgundy lining w/extra pants in Grey house-hopsack
  • Grey flannel (14 gram) suit for winter in Berlin with faint blue pinstripe and a patterned baby blue lining, 3R2, cashmere blend
  • Navy overcoat, double-breasted, belt in the back, sweeping peak lapels


...and a shameless plug in the next post for bespoke 7 fold ties from Giorgio Ricciardi.

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Bespoke Tie Order - TIES & DREAMS:

  • Hand sewn, rolled edges
  • 7 fold
  • Minimal structure
  • Length specific to my height, neck size and preferences
  • Hand made means not perfect - these ties have character, as does the man who wears them…


If you visit Naples, Italy - you must visit Giorgio Ricciardi at TIES & DREAMS.  This is a small shop making ties in the original hand-made methods that so many houses have left behind for mass production.  


Skip Hermes, Ferragamo and Charvet - go bespoke! 







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wolvering - really great stuff. The suit seems to be coming along beautifully. Glad to see you've developed such a wonderful relationship with Mariano. I'm sure you'll both get the most out of it.
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^^^I really like the collection of bespoke ties. Gives me something to consider.
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Finally picked up my new stuff, photos to follow when I have time.
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