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Dress shirt care

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Just recenty bought a few dress shirts with built in collar stays and am concerned about having them proffesionally claeaned and starched at a dry cleaner and being left with an unsightly shirt with visible markings around the stays. Do you think that this is a viable concern? Anyone have this experience?
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one suggestion...DO NOT STARCH
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Yes this is a valid concern. There's nothing you can really do to prevent some shine, short of cutting out the stays or telling your cleaners to go easy on them. I don't suggest using starch either. I recently found a trick you might try if the collar gets a shine from pressing on the stays: dab with a solution of diluted white vinegar (2 tablespoons to a quart of water I think, though I'd have to check) on a soft cloth, then press lightly. Haven't tried it yet, but it was in a tailoring book I have. Try in an inconspicuous place first as with any "trick". From now on, buy shirts with removable stays.
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Leroy: 2 posts- 2 references to your web site. There are lots of people on this Forum who have similar web sites (disclaimer- myself included) and lots of knowledge. Please tone down the self promotion.
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